Thursday, June 2, 2011

He Keeps Me Guessing

Sometimes I start to feel that our spankings have become routine and humdrum. It's not that they aren't thorough and ultimately satisfying. But they're usually a bit too predictable.

Last weekend I asked Ron if he had something special planned for our imminent get-together. His answer was disappointing but not unexpected.


"Oh." I glanced at the clock on the wall behind him. "But you have 15 minutes to think of something to surprise me with."

You'll never guess - he did!

First of all, he included the dressage whip among the implements lined up on the bed. That was a surprise, because he rarely uses it. The wooden paddle and the shoehorn beside it were familiar, but the way he went about his task was quite out of the ordinary.

Ron gave my bare bottom a generous taste of each of the implements, saving the whip as the final entry in the first round, and I remembered why I dreaded the last implement so much. Besides the general severity of the narrow black shaft, the small red-tailed tip wrapped and stung my right hip repeatedly. I was uncomfortable, but silently vowed to endure this special addition.

Round two of the implements followed. After an application of the shoehorn, I heard the whirr of the dressage whip near my head as Ron rapidly swished it back and forth.  I groaned to think that it was next, only to be fooled as I felt - with great relief - the wooden paddle instead. And so it went. Whenever I heard the swoosh, I tensed and moaned, only to feel a completely different implement on my backside.

But he used the dressage whip too. Each time, I made my displeasure known as it marked my bottom, but Ron didn't realize that most of my vocal protests were because of the wrapping.

Our session went on somewhat longer than usual. That was another surprise that pleased me, although it put my obedience to a real test. My right hip was getting more and more painful, but it is a point of honour with me that I do not attempt to change my position or ask that the punishment cease.

It eventually ended, and I enthusiastically thanked Ron for a very exciting time.

"That was a lovely surprise," I gasped. He grinned modestly and put the implements away.

Then I went to the mirror and looked at the results of his efforts. My bottom was dark pink, and the spot where the tip had wrapped looked like it had been attacked by a swarm of angry bees. It was covered with hundreds of tiny raised red dots, each one a souvenir of Ron's attempt to make this spanking special. It was over 24 hours before the skin returned to normal.

I must remember to be careful what I wish for.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing your real life spanking experience with us.


sixofthebest said...

Ron knew, that a beautiful mature whippersnapper like you, would find it most pleasureable to have you guess, which spanking implement you would use. Of course that made alot of 'horsesence', to both of you. Would'nt you agree, Hermoine?

Sara said...

Be careful what you wish for indeed...but I know you'll keep wishing anyway! ;)

ronnie said...

You asked Ron to surprise you and he certainly did, delightful Hermione.

Thanks for sharing.


Erica said...

Be careful what we wish for -- that seems to be a common theme among us, no? :-) Lucky girl!

Hermione said...

Joey - I'm happy to do so.

Six - I never look a gift horse in the mouth either.

Sara - I will, and Ron will keep on granting them.

Ronnie - He did, or rather, he outdid himself.

Erica - Yes, and we know perfectly well what the outcome is likely to be. Sigh! I'm very lucky.


Daisychain said...

Oh MY! How crafty of him! LOL, very clever!
As to the wrapping, that is what caused the awful bruising on my hip that upset Davey...because I too, bore it with stoicism, and he was not happy! He said I should have told him to stop! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hermione; men are so wonderful, doing exactly what you wanted, but not as you expected.
The wrapping however, should be mentioned sometme this week.

sixofthebest said...

Your answer to me, Hermoine, made you a triple crown winner this year in my eyes. And you won it in the homestretch, by a nose. I possible being the 'horse's ass'. He Haw, He Haw.

Lea said...

This doesn't make me any more likely to try a whip. Lol. I still say good effort to Ron, though.

Hermione said...

Daisy - Well, perhaps if you have his blessing to tell him to stop for something like this, you could try when you are in that position again.

Red - Yes, men are a puzzle wrapped in an enigma:)

Six - Hee haw? I think you mean "Whinny, snort!"

Lea - It isn't a nice implement at all, and it's used rarely.


sixofthebest said...

I say 'Touche!, or should I say 'Tush', as I stand corrected on 'He Haw' in the French speaking parts of your beautiful country'. Hermoine.