Sunday, June 19, 2011

You Completed the Spankaversary Caption

Your captions were really en pointe this week:

Karl Friedrich Gauss: Ma'am, I do believe you've suddenly lost weight!

Six of the Best: "What a tease, this breeze, that freeze my knees, to say cheese, please."

Simon(e): Her career as a pole dancer had affected Hermione, every time she saw a pole her clothes fell off.

Bobbie Jo: "Hmmm. Now this could get interesting. I would love to get her over my knee!" 

Informer: "The dangers of buying celery."

BTW, the pinup artist who did this picture (and whose name escapes me) is notorious for pictures of women:
1) whose panties are falling down, and
2) Who are carrying a bag of groceries with a prominent bunch of celery.

Tex: Sorry Ma'am... you'll STILL need the correct change to board... but thanks!

Season: What did I tell you would happen the next time the elastic gave out in your panties, young lady? Leave them right where there are and bend over the bus seat...

Ronnie: Hermione thought she would surprise Ron on his bus but she didn't expect to be surprised herself by a bus full of passengers and her knickers around her ankles.

- or -

'Hermione you could have waited until we got home before you removed your knickers now I'm going to have to deal with you here.'

Prefectdt:  He thinks "WOW! That ACME knicker magnet really works. Now let's see if the patented electro shock seat was worth the money."

Lea: The bus driver is calculating if he has time to grab her and pull her across his knee before the light turns green. Happy spankaversary!

Michael: Bus driver: "Hey lady, shake that money-maker and pony up the two bits for the fare."

- or -

Bus driver: "Honey, I like your coin slot much better than mine."

Daisychain: "Never mind the grocery bag, ma'am, I suggest you hang on to your undercrackers...."

Mindy: "Don't get your knickers in a knot, young lady! Pay up the bus fare, and then get yourself a new pair!"

Bree512: This is what I get for not doing my wash and having to borrow my roommates's panties. Did you think anyone noticed?

Terri: "Clearly, Ma'am, the quality of your groceries is higher than the quality of your underwear." The bus driver chuckled. "I hope you still have the money for your fare, because otherwise that's going to be an embarrassing walk home."

Dave: "Gosh, I simply hate grocery shopping!"

"I know the feeling Ma'am."

"This bus headed south?"

"Just like your knickers, yes Ma'am."

Thank you all for the good wishes and kind comments on our anniversary. This post is scheduled to be published at 4:00pm, at which time we will be celebrating our 25th spanking anniversary with...yes, you guessed it!

From Hermione's Heart



I'll guess at a nice bottom shaped cake with 25 candles on it ;)


Mindy said...

Congratulations, Hermione and Ron! :)

Bonnie said...

Hermione (and Ron),

Happy anniversary! Here's my caption:

"Do you feel a draft?"


Hermione said...

Prefectdt - Mmm, something like that.

Mindy - Thank you.

Bonnie - Thanks. A very appropriate caption.