Sunday, June 12, 2011

You Completed the Caption

Justice is well served by the captions you provided.

Six of the best: The honourable judge says, "For not completing Hermione's caption for week. I sentence you to 'six of the best, the very best strokes of the cane, on your bare bottom."

Terri: "What're you going to do, spank me?" The defendant asked, flipping up her skirt to show off her panties to the judge.

"Young lady, that's an instant twelve strokes with the senior cane for contempt of court." His honour's voice rang out crisply in the courtroom...

Clearly THAT was the wrong courtrooom to act up in!!

Season: Let the record show the defendant is highly spankable.

- or -

The defense calls its next witness, Herbie Hind, to the stand.

Ronnie: Judge - "I asked what colour were the pants you stole, not show me young lady."

Simon(e): Judge "I'm sorry but that is not what I meant when I said could I see the briefs before we start."

Bobbie Jo: Ok, your judgeship, all I did was take one measly candy bar. Just spank me and get it over with!

Red: Six of the best? Why only six? You can see I am well endowed to take many more...

Prefectdt: "But I've already been punished for that Your Honour. Look here's the stripes to prove it."

Rogue: Attorney to Court: "My apologies, your Honor. When my client said she would show her @$$ if she lost this case, I didn't realize she meant that literally."

A. Lurker: Defence: "If it will please the court, I will allow the defendant to present her brief."

Crown: "Motion to strike, Your Honour."

Judge: "Motion granted!"

Bonnie: "Bailiff, you may impose the sentence of this court..."

Lea: The judge is saying, "Miss Erica Scott, we meet again. Clearly the Spanking Court hasn't taught you your lesson yet."

Michael: When "Talking Out of Your Ass" was finally made a crime Miss Rosie Cheeks was the first person found guilty despite her impassioned plea to Judge Rodney Palm.

Hermione: What do you mean, they discontinued the Canadian prison strap years ago? In that case, I plead "not guilty".

Thanks for helping a young lady see the error of her ways.Next week we have a special celebration.

From Hermione's Heart

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