Monday, June 27, 2011

From the Top Shelf - Voices

A few posts ago I talked about the verbal responses I give while Ron is spanking me. I later came across an enlightening passage on that subject in Consensual Spanking by Jules Markham.

A spankee can also add to the quality of a session and enhance the enjoyment of the spanker. As well as complying with the spanker's demands and having the correct demeanour, the spanker can add value by adopting spanking postures without being told... They can also ask the spanker if their bottom is presented properly, would they like it to stick out more, for example...

Another option for the spankee is to give greater feedback during the spanking. Reward the spanker by giving a verbal response. When the spanks are sufficiently hard, you probably won't need to play act, but learning to gasp, shriek or even pleading a little can be a big turn-on. It doesn't take much, a flirty little squeal for the odd heavier spank, or a repertoire of variations on "ow", "ouch", or "yeow", can work wonders... A bit of bratty type backchat can also stir things up a bit...

Good advice! It sounds very familiar, so I guess I've been doing it right.

The spanker also has a role to play in the verbalizing:

The spanker can pile on the embarrassment factor by finding key words and phrases that get the spankee turned on or more into their headspace. Most spankees have some trigger word or phrase that gets their fantasy going. For example, referring to the subject as "young lady", "Missy", "naughty boy/girl", "young man" and so on, can make a spankee crimson with embarrassment. A firm or matter-of-fact tone with verbal commands is similarly effective. For instance, "bend over my knee", "adjust your dress and bend over", or "panties/knickers down, please" completing the sentence with one of the terms of endearment above.

Demanding that the spankee address you as Sir/husband, or Miss/Ma'am/Madam as appropriate is also an effective control... Soothing words while stroking a warm cheek... Sounding a little concerned can also work - for example, "That's going to be sore in the morning", or "Oh dear, that does look angry. It must sting terribly", or "That's what I like to see - red cheeks", or "My, that feels really hot."
That last part sounds familiar too.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

It's impossible for me to be quiet, especially when my bottom is turning red. And, I have a hard time staying in position when it's stingy!


findingsara said...

I guess there's a lot to be said for technique and some finesse...on both sides of the spanking! Sara

Anonymous said...

Verbal communication enhances the connection for the spanker and spankee. The more I say, the more the spanker becomes involved as well greatly adding to the power of the scene. However, when wood is the implement, I am not inclined to brat to the spanker to motivate their actions.

Meow said...

I try to keep my responses real so that he knows where I am with the pain. I guess, some days I feel more vocal or have less tolerance and some days I hardly make a peep. Neither of us usually talks during a spanking, although I think it would be good if we were more vocal. Good topic!

Daisychain said...

Oh, this I loved! But, although I make the right noises, somehow he KNOWS when I am serious about the "OWWW"s! xxx

Spanked Army Wife said...

I am very vocal during spankings too.

angelin said...

I can be quiet during spanking ; that's how I protest him, no response and just ignore.And at some point, I don't feel anything, just empty. During this time, he know spanking won't work so he let me cool down first then we talk. When I'm ready to submit again, then he will continue.

In normal situation, I can submit to spanking when I surrendered to him. Let say 3 out of 10.. the rest, I actually ran and he got to catch me.. LOL

ronnie said...

I don't need to learn to gasp, shriek and plead that comes naturally when I being spanked:)

I do agree with Joey about verbal communication especially when P uses those key words.

Good post Hermione, thanks for sharing it with us.


Hermione said...

Kitty - Stingy makes me try to change my position too.

Sara -I agree. There's a lot more too it than just whacking.

Joey - That's an interesting observation, that your talking gets the spanker involved.

Meow - We don't talk enough. I envy those couples who chatter away during the fireworks.

Daisy - I think Ron knows when ow means OW.

SAW - That's good. It seems we're all pretty much in agreement here.

Angelin - Silence has a purpose too. He seems able to interpret that. Running away? Naughty girl!

Ronnie - You were born with natural abilities as a spankee :) I'm glad you enjoyed the post.