Monday, June 13, 2011

From the Top Shelf - The New Story of O

In The New Story of O,  the anonymous author reinvents the submissive and ultimately discarded sex slave from Pauline Reage's Story of O and Return to the Chateau as a dominant, liberated, empowered woman, "transformed, renewed, fulfilled... The degradation, the floggings and the humiliations she had endured at Roissy had brought O to a supreme detachment, an impassivity worthy of the great mystics. Sex, love and the whip are beneath her now; instead she concentrates on the essential battle against men."

For your enjoyment, here is a glimpse of one of those battles.

James scowled at her. "Well," she went on, "we come to the heart of the matter, Monsieur James Pembroke. Which is me; O. O attracts you; O fascinates you. Not just as a woman; but because she can get what she wants.

...James noticed O's riding crop was lying on the table. It was a small one, made of black leather. He picked it up and went back to O. "We shall see," he said. "You're too sure of yourself, O. "You don't know me very well yet."

"If this will give you pleasure," she sighed, and let her tunic slip to the floor. Naked, she turned away from James and knelt on the floor, offering him her back. "Carry on," she said, lowering her head and lifting her buttocks above her ankles.

Seized with ungovernable rage, James raised his arm and brought the riding crop down on the white skin. O did not flinch. James applied three further blows, each of which lacerated O's body, leaving a burning red weal. O remained motionless and silent throughout the ordeal. Then James threw the crop on to the sofa. He wiped the sweat that was trickling down his forehead. He was breathing heavily and his face was scarlet. O lowered her head to the floor and lifted her arse higher. "Have you finished already? she asked.

James made no reply. "I'm not one of your thousand dollar whores," O said. "I can take some more."

James felt more exhausted than he did after making love. "Don't you feel anything?" he asked, in a weary voice. "Didn't that hurt?"

"Yes, of course," O replied, jumping to her feet. "But it isn't the number of strokes that you receive that indicates your strength; it is the skill that you exhibit in taking them."

Do you agree?

From Hermione's Heart


Daisychain said...

Yes; I do agree; but, I am not into spanking as a show of strength; for us it is a power exchange, not a battle of strength. I think there is a difference. And, as well as a power exchange, it is fun, exciting, erotic, and there is nothing exciting for a man to spank a woman who shows no reaction...he may as well beat a slab of meat!
It is reading the spankees reactions that indicates to the spanker that he is "getting it right"!

Anonymous said...

Being stoic and absorbing the pain without expression or flinching lessens the enjoyment of the experience. If the spanking is not fulfilling to the spanker, an important element is missing. It is selfish for a spankee not to show and express their true physical state. The verbal exchange and body language is very exciting and fun and makes the spanking much more memorable.

Anonymous said...

For me, TTWD is a shared experience. Each participant giving something and receiving something. Mutual needs being met. Again, for me, what it is not is a contest of wills.

ronnie said...

From a couple of blogs I've read the spankee is told to absord her pain without any expressions or enjoyment. To me TTWD is a shared, erotic, fun and so much more experience and could be no other way for us.

Somehow I don't think this book was received after the original.

Thanks Hermione, I always enjoy the Monday look into your top shelf.


Hermione said...

At one time I thought that being stoic and taking the pain without comment was the appropriate way to behave. But i have since learned that reacting in whatever way I please is much more fun for both of us, and fun is what it is all about in our spanking relationship.