Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Fail

That's not the way to spank her. She's the wrong way up!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Well... she did bend over his knee like he told her to.

She thought for sure a guy like this would appreciate the "surrealism" of her interpretation!

And she WAS willing to take their relatioship to the limit, to live on the edge, even to risk ending their dalliance with this little episode of interpretive bratting.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful desk to write on...but it would make concentration a little difficult.

bree said...

I think he is writing a letter to Spanky on the pleasures of being a Top.

Can't imagine she stayed in that position too long.

Looking at her in that position is making my muscles ache more. Especially my neck muscles.

It looks good upside down too.

Another sign of spanking deprevation - aching muscles.

Season said...

Not only does he have the spanking position wrong, look at the girl he has in corner time. She's upside down with a face mask on her feet!

He is one geometrically challenged top!

Kaki said...

He has her bending over backwards for him. Looks uncompfortable.

Daisychain said...

Very smart, miss...lets see if you smart when I turn you over....

Beth said...

But think about all the cool spanking positions that she probably COULD do?

Lea said...

Silly tops, tricks are for kids! Turn her over already!

Hermione said...

Karl - What a woman!

Red - It would make your handwriting shaky too.

Bree - I hope he turned her over soon. Cramped muscles all over!

Season - I wondered about that other girl. Bizarre.

Kaki - She'd probably do anything for him.

Daisy - LOL! Very clever!

Beth - If only we could be flies on the wall when the show is over.

Lea - Ha ha! I had forgotten that cereal commercial. Good one!