Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday FAIL

Nothing irritates me more than bad grammar. Today's FAILs are all about two words that are often confused: your and you're. Let's see some mistakes and how they are handled.

That should be "you're". Learn how to speak it yourself before you criticize others.

He still doesn't get it, does he?

I think he's got it now.

No Auto-correct back then, although that may have been a good thing.

Warning: the next one has some strong language.

I'm not surprised either.

From Hermione's Heart


crankyspanker said...

Hi there

Learning can be fun. I enjoyed the grammar lesson and am amazed at how many times I have seen the wrong word used because it sound like the right one. I have even seen this in business letters from professionals.


Bas said...

Oh, please tell me I didn't inspire this post!
Maybe it is my lack of knowledge of the English grammar, but I did have my doubts about the word BUTT in the first picture too.
OMG, was it may be or maybe? And was it to or too?

Anonymous said...

The last one got a big laugh out of me. Very funny.

Some of the problem is the texting phenomenon. IT's making most of us look like ignoramuses.

I look back at my own stuff and see so many mistakes. I know better but my typing is sloppy because I'm going too (not to) fast.

Hermione said...

Crankyspanker - I've seen a lot of errors on professional documents too.

Bas - No, you weren't my source of inspiration:-) And you're also correct: butt is misspelled.

Mick - I'm a terrible typist too, and blame all my mistakes on fumble fingers, not lack of knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Very funny Hermione. Thanks for the lesson in grammar. Your a peach.


Anonymous said...

*you are. LOL.

Minielle Labraun said...

I agree those are fails. I believe we have become immune to some of the mistakes since they are so very commonly used we miss them. Hopefully I am not guilty of "them thar mistakes!"

Aimless Rambling said...

Yes, definitely fails. I agree with Minelle, I think we have become immune. In text messages (UR, YOU'RE, YOUR) always seeing abbreviated grammar. LOL

Emen said...

Very funny. It's one of the mistakes that makes me craziest, especially when I hit send on a text and realize I've made the mistake and can't get it back. Nervewracking. I'd rather use UR :)

Ana said...

LOL...Leave it to joey!!

You are forgiven now. No need to stand in the corner. :D

My favorite is the first one.

Anonymous said...

To each their own.. personally, I
never liked grammar lessons... so tweeting and txtin (that was deliberate) is wonderful...

SNP said...

Is it bad to admit I know I've confused those two words!
Good grammar is important! Here is another confused set of words---stationary and stationery. The first meaning fixed/unchanging and the latter meaning writing material:). Happy Friday.

ronnie said...

Think we've all made a few:)

Last one made me laugh.

Thanks for Friday's grammar lesson Hermione.


Fondles said...

it's one of my pet peeves too.

I used to teach high school english.

every essay was a nightmare

Erica said...

ROFL! Considering what I do for a living, you know how much I loved this. Particularly the last one.

Anonymous said...

Laughing,,, In the first one shouldn't Butt only have one T? Just saying.

Loved the Grammar Nazi post!


Rosie said...

Love, love, LOVE. My love for grammar is deep and my appreciation for stupidity labeling itself is even deeper. :) Thanks for the smile!

abby said...

As a former English teacher you have hit upon on of my BIG pet peeves! Master who does not normally mess them up, did once , I just had to send back a corrected version. Ummm, not such a good idea!

abby said...

As a former English teacher you have hit upon on of my BIG pet peeves! Master who does not normally mess them up, did once , I just had to send back a corrected version. Ummm, not such a good idea!

A. Lurker said...

High Hermione,
Your to funny! Seams like people do knot no how two right properly anymore. There all great examples butt my favourite was the second too last won. I always love two reed hear!
R. :-)

Hermione said...

Joey - That's better:)

Minelle - They are easy to miss, especially when spellchecker doesn't care either way.

Sunny - Texting has sounded the death knell for grammar.

Emen - I know that feeling well.

Ana - Joey did a quick save, so I put my ruler away.

Red - I never liked studying grammar either. Spelling and grammar just came naturally to me.

SNP - Yes, that's another confusing set. There are dozens more.

Ronnie - We all have, for sure. Nobody's perfect.

FA - I can imagine!

Erica - I thought of you when I put this post together.

C - You are correct - only one T.

Rosie - Glad to hear you are a fan too.

Abby - Ron writes very well too, but on occasion I clean up his punctuation. He doesn't mind.

A. Lurker - That comment was sew clever.

Hugs to awl,

Terri said...

Hermione, that first one has an extra 't' in the word 'but' as well!. Just thought you ought to know.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I am laughing so hard. I love those! If they weren't so obscene I would love to share them with my class. LOL

Hermione said...

Terri - Thanks.

Anon - I agree, they aren't really appropriate for the classroom.