Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Semi-permanent mark

Some time ago I told you about spicing up a spanking by putting stickers on my bottom. Several commenters suggested tattoos. Now, I would never consider getting a permanent tushie tat. Ron wouldn't approve and they are really not my thing. But surely a temporary one would be fun to try.

So I searched online and found this do it yourself tattoo kit on one of my favourite sites.

It looked simple enough and I had a gift card to use, so I ordered it. But when it arrived, I was dismayed to find the variety of stencils was quite limited. Only one sheet, and nothing looked appropriate. What would Ron make of a lizard on my butt? Would he swat a dolphin?

I needed to find something more appropriate; preferably a heart. So off I went to the local craft superstore. There I found a large assortment of stencils on sale, and chose a pack that included several hearts and other interesting, butt-appropriate patterns.

I snipped out a heart, stuck it on my right cheek, reached for a henna-coloured marker, and stopped. How on earth was I supposed to colour in the stencil? I couldn't see what I was doing, and could barely reach. I tried holding a mirror in one hand, but I got confused by the reflection and couldn't get the pen to go where I wanted it to. The marker was sharp and pointed and it took forever to fill in the design; a chisel tip would have worked much better.

I gave up, peeled off the sticky stencil, and scrubbed the half-finished heart off my cheek. Maybe I should use a bingo dabber, or a felt tip marker with a larger tip. But wait! Hadn't I seen rub-on tattoos someplace?

The next day I made a trip to the nearest dollar store. Sure enough, at the end of one aisle was a prominent display of rub-on, washable tattoos. Eureka! I selected a package of heart-shaped designs and hurried to the cash with my selection, grinning from ear to ear.

The following Saturday I found some time alone when Ron was busy washing the car. I chose the yellow heart with pink wings,read the instructions several times, slipped into the bathroom, bared my bottom and imprinted my right bottomcheek with the picture. I let it dry completely then gently pulled up my panties and wondered what Ron would make of it when he finally saw it.

I didn't have long to wait. After showering and changing, Ron was ready to administer my usual weekend spanking. His reaction was immediate.

"What's that?" he asked as soon as he saw the fluttering heart.

"What do you think it is?"

"Where did you get that? Get it off!" he ordered. Yeah, as if it was that easy.

"I must have sat in something," I breezily replied.

"Ron chuckled. "I'll get it off" and he proceeded to paddle it very hard with the leather paddle. Oops! I had inadvertently given him a target to aim at.

"Hey, I have two cheeks, you know," I protested.

"Yes,' he replied, never missing a beat, "but only one of them has that thing on it." He then gave the other cheek some attention too, but not as much.

"Are you getting dye all over the paddle? Is it fading?" I queried, hoping to distract him. It did, and he stopped to examine both the implement and my bottom.

"No, it's getting brighter," he announced, then went to work with the cane, which also seemed to be aimed at my pink and yellow target. Never before had the cane felt so ouchy! If I didn't know better, I could have sworn he'd read my recent post about how little impact our cane has.

The worst was yet to come. Ron picked up the dressage whip and whooshed it through the air, then it struck. Now, we have had problems in the past with the tip of that particular implement wrapping onto my right hip. Ron had learned to avoid doing that, but this time he managed to get the tip to connect exactly where the tattoo was positioned. Yeowch!

By the time my husband had finished, he announced that he could scarcely see the offending image on my backside. When I checked in the mirror I saw he was right. The pink wings had disappeared against the bright red of my flaming cheek. The yellow heart had turned a dull orange. Maybe next time I will choose green or blue and see what happens. And it would be wiser to put one on each globe, to make certain I come out even in the end.

The next morning before taking a shower, I took a look at my bum in the mirror to check on the tattoo. It was still there, once more bright pink and yellow. Around it was a halo of red - a reminder of the evening before. I was delighted! My bottom rarely shows any trace of a spanking the next day, but I guess this one had been harder than usual, with my artwork providing an incentive.

I think I'll try the two LOVE tattoos next time - one on each cheek.

From Hermione's Heart


Ana said...

"I must have sat in something"???


And you know I did try to warn you about the cane thingy. :D

Happy tattoo-ing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a terrific story.

I thought the tat was cute.

Putting one on each cheek would be clever, but I hope you have a bucket of ice ready after your spanking.


Hermione said...

Ana - Yes, you did warn me. I guess the user was a little more motivated this time:)

Joey - I have the ice bucket polished up and ready to go, just in case.


Bas said...

Now, if you use the red heart with the blue wings, he could try to make the heart fully disappear against the background. Just leaving you with wings,halo and a big smile.

Aimless Rambling said...

You are too funny. Thanks for sharing your tattoo experience.

Susie said...

How about little round bulls-eyes?

Fun story Hermione!

Roz said...

This is hilarious, thanks for sharing, and for the laugh. Love the tat. Yep, go for one on each cheek next time Lol

Hermione said...

Bas - The disembodied wings would look quite appealing.

Sunnygirl - My pleasure:)

Susie - That's a good idea, if I can figure out how to draw one back there.

Roz - I will. I like to feel balanced.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

No before and after picture? Tease.

abby said...

..Reading the first part of this, Ithought great idea....then I read the rest...not sure now! But my next trip to the dollar store I will be on the lookout. Two cheeks...brae soul.
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

concentrating most of the spanks in one location... whatever were you thinking...Maybe you were trying for the one cheek only spanking...
Remember to put the sticker on the other cheek next time. smiling
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Oh what fun Hermione. Very clever. I'd love to see Ron's face when he sees one on each cheek.

I must try this. Phil will think I've actually gone and had a real tattoo done.

Thanks Hermiione.


Young Lady said...

you made me laugh super hard inside, i love this!!!

Erica said...

So, let me make sure I'm understanding... Ron did NOT like the tattoo, or he DID? ;-)

Hermione said...

OBB - Sorry, that's a no-photo zone.

Abby - I hope you find something suitable.

Red - Yes, I'll do that, but maybe I'll skip a few weeks first.

Ronnie - I guess I won't get to see that face, unless I use a mirror.

YL - Thank you. So did I.

Erica - Well, he's always hated tattoos, but it seems that it brought out the beast in him, then he started to have fun with it, so I'd have to say he actually liked it. I think:)


SNP said...

Great personal story. Thanks for sharing with all of us:) Having fun with your partner is so important. Good idea to put one on both cheeks next round.

Daisychain said...

"I must have sat in something??" Haha, I laughed out loud! xxx

Minielle Labraun said...

I have used those rub on tats. Mine are placed up top...low enough that they just peek out. Now I need to rethink my strategy!

Anonymous said...

I think you should put lips on one cheek, and write "kiss my ass" on the other.


Hermione said...

SNP - Having fun is very important.

Daisy - It was the first thing that came to mind:)

Minelle - Did yours incite your Top to more vigorous activity?

Kiki - Oh, that would not be wise;)


Unknown said...

That's great! Thanks for the entertaining story!!!

Young Lady said...

I have to tell you that I had a very vivid dream about temporary tattoos the size of my buttocks (like one for each cheek) and in my dream I bought some and drove to your house (I guess in my dream world we know each other ;-)) and gave them to you and you were so giddy you jumped up and down and clapped. it was a very weird dream, and now i must go google and see if these indeed exist. ;)

Young Lady said...

Not Butt Size, but very large, one fits your whole back... ;-)

This pic made me laugh and wince... i cannot imagine covering my entire butt in a perm tattoo... how could My Man get the thrill of my pink/red ass then? :-p

Lea said...

Sounds like fun. And you might as well have used a bullseye tattoo. ;-)

Hermione said...

Renee- Rose - Thank you!

Young Lady - You'd be amazed at the blogging friends I visit in my dreams!

Those large tattoos are quite nice, like something out of Kushiel's Dart. As for that permanent one - no thanks! That would really hurt, in a bad way.

Lea - Yes, it would have had the same effect.