Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday FAIL

I'm not the only one who considers poor grammar or bad spelling a FAIL.

From Hermione's Heart


Dee said...

Fail! Totally agree :)

Dee x

Spanky said...

I don't know how you find all this good stuff! I like "The spelling angel" in particular.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I try, but never paid attention to the boring rules of grammar in school. I still don't care about accusative or ablative in preposition phrases.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the last one. Thank you.


ricky said...

Good point (or is it points?),
My peeve is/are all the obscure on-line acronyms some people use.
Most of the time, I haven't got a
clue what they're saying.
(No what I mean?)

Ana said...

Errorists! Errorists!!!!

I would say something witty and profound, but I am laughing too hard.

Errorists! I love it!

Ana said...

P.S. And didn't you mean to say "Friday Win"? Because these are sooooo full of win. Yes, I meant to write two incomplete sentences and add the extra "o"s. ;)

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, maybe 'Grandma' needs a spanking on her 'touche',pardon the French.

Minielle Labraun said...

Whenever I read posts lamenting poor grammar in the written word, I hope I am often not guilty. I am a terrible speller so I write with a dictionary next to me.
My husband makes up his very own acronyms, and It never occurs to him that the rest of us do not 'get it' :)

abby said...

Errorist?? I am such a grammar snob, I want to go in and correct store signs! Synonyms are not interchangeable! Sorry, I will stop my rant.
hugs abby

Bas said...

Oh no, I'm making so many errors!!!
Never knew I was an errorist.
Maybe that Spelling Angel has some time to spare!
English is difficult enough without all that B4 garbage.

ronnie said...

Errorists:) All good one but last my favourite.

Have a good weekend Hermione.


Aimless Rambling said...

Fail - totally agree

A. Lurker said...

Hi Hermione,

OMG ROFLMAO! UR GR8! I 2 h8 txt. TTYL!

Seriously, the bingo one was hysterical. I almost spit coffee all over the keyboard.

I have trouble with words that are similar in both English and French (cream-creme, government-gouvernement, etc). Because of where I live, either spelling looks correct to me. (Yes, I know - never start a sentence with because!)

Take care,

Suzie said...

This was great!

Erica said...

English, not Bingo! Errorists! LOL -- thank you, Hermione, for some fresh insults. These are great.

Lea said...

Oh Lord, Fail and Funny to all of these. Especially Patience. These are educators who are supposed to teach our children. If children are our future, well we're screwed! (We might already be ^_^)

June said...

ROFL - the bingo comment had me literally giggling.

Mrs. Soft Bottom said...

Another bingo speak lover here! Thanks for the great laugh!

Paul said...

very funny, especially the last one, thank you.

Hermione said...

Dee -I thought you would agree:)

Spanky - It's a gift;D

OBB - To each his own, right?

Joey - I'm glad.

Ricky - I'm mystified by all the acronyms too. I need a dictionary.

Ana - That's a good one, for sure. And yes, they are WINs, aren't they?

Six - Yes, she sure does.

Minelle - It's nice to have a husband who's creative, but maybe you should ask him to type the words in full, then add the acronym in brackets at the end.

Abby - Store signs bug me too. I'll watch for some good ones for another Friday.

Bas - English certainly is a difficult and contrary language, full fo contradictions.

Ronnie - I though that one was especially funny.

Sunntgirl - It's unanimous!

A. Lurker - It's even more bizarre when you see all the English words that end up in standard French usage, like 'le weekend'. And it's perfectly acceptable to start a sentence with 'because'.

Suzie - Thank you!

Erica - File them under 'E'.

Lea - Yes, I think we already are:(

June - It was quite creative.

Mrs. SB - You're very welcome.

Paul - It's so nice to see you again!


Dave Wolfe said...

I pride myself on my writing ability, but irksome typos often creep into my replies-- like the double "do" I just inadvertently left at Rich Windsor's place-- and are omnipresent in any chat. Nevertheless, these are hilarious!!

Hermione said...

Dave - Okay, now I have to go visit Richard and see your typo!

Srsly, I blame all my typos on my inability to type.