Sunday, September 2, 2012

You Completed the Caption

Here's how you captioned this lovely photo.

Kingspan: Sally loved having company with a red bottom secretly blazing under her skirt. Sometimes, she barely had time to readjust herself before the doorbell rang.

Six of the best: Chivalry is not dead. The gentleman is about to bestow upon his naughty lady the ceremony of the Knights of the Garter, spanko style. Six of the best, with a cane on her bare bottom.

Sunnygirl: Can't wait to get her over my knee.

Simon: Simon knew that as soon as she discovered the run in her stockings that he had made whilst wearing them he was going to be in big trouble.

Minelle: "See, I put them on."
"Not quick enough, you are getting spanked anyway."

Mitch: He: "Forget the stockings. Just hike up your skirt, and get over my knees."

Vfrat25000: Him: I have a pair of stockings on just like that. I wonder how much she paid for hers?

Her: I hope someday that science will invent a little pill that men can take so I don’t have to work so hard to get him going!

Her: It’s time to raise my grade to an A. "Oh .Professor, look over here, I was wondering if you would consider re-grading my term paper!"

Him: Oh, I can tell this isn’t going to end well! This kind of thing never ends well! But it’s a lot of fun while it lasts.

Her: I spend two hours in the bar, an hour teasing him into spanking me; he pulls up my skirt, lowers my panties and gives me two swats. Two measly swats. I give up. I’m getting dressed and going to order that spanking machine I saw in the Adult Shenanigans magazine. Later, Loser.

Her: Why is that guy taking my picture while I am getting undressed?
Him: Oh I don’t know. Maybe in 75 years somebody might want to post a picture of us right before we do the naughty thing on a new invention called the "internet". Or maybe I just collect dirty pictures!
Her: Oh……OK!

Ana: Him: Miss? I brought a flower for you...
Her, thinking to herself: Stupid run in my nylons just when I was trying to get in the role!

Daddy spanks: I want all of it off, and you better be quick about it ! That ass of yours is going be bright red before I`m done with you. If you continue crying it will only earn you hurry it up!

Hermione: The picture of Aunt Grace and Uncle Harold in the old family album was a constant embarrassment to their children.

Kate Fresh: "Our guests are here honey... hopefully you will remember to behave as you sit on that sore bottom all night."

Welcome, Kate!

Thanks for having some September fun. Come again!
From Hermione's Heart

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