Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday WIN

Everyone needs a little motivation from time to time.

Available here.

Now don't you feel motivated?

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the best motivational posters I have ever seen.


abby said...

Great job....those sheets made me laugh out loud....
hugs abby

Minielle Labraun said...

Love them all!

Ana said...

LOL!! The last one is my very favorite. Though those sheets made me laugh, too.

Aimless Rambling said...

Love them. Definitely wins.

dancingbarez said...

Motivational for sure.

ronnie said...

yes everyone need a little motivation. Really like the sheets.


Unknown said...

Are those sheets for sale somewhere? Not kidding ;)

ricky said...

But I'm a little red-faced, too,
Because they all happen to be true!

A. Lurker said...

Hi Hermione,
Kama Sutra sheets, eh? They would also make for an interesting game of Twister!

Hermione said...

Joey - I thought they were kind of inspiring.

Abby - I just might buy a set.

Minelle - I'm so glad!

Ana - Glad you liked them.

Sunnygirl - It seems to be unanimous!

Dancing - They'd look good on a boardroom wall.

Ronnie - Maybe hang one over P's desk:)

Lillie - Yes, right here:

Ricky - I hit the nail on the head!

A Lurker - Very interesting, but not for children's parties.


Young Lady said...

A Lurker - I totally thought that about twister as well!! :)

The last one made me laugh outloud.

Hermione - thanks for always bringing a smile to my face!! You're the bomb!!! you should start doing adverts on here so you can get rich, cause I give you at least 10 clicks a day some weeks. ;-)

Kaelah said...

The kama sutra sheets are cool! Thanks for sharing, Hermione. :-)

Erica said...

These are definitely WINS today! :-D That first one especially made me giggle.

SNP said...

Yes, fun WIN's for today. I am late making my rounds. Thanks for stopping by my blog today as well:)

Hermione said...

Young Lady - So that's why my stats are so high. Thank you!

Kaelah - I'm glad I found them.

Erica - I thought that one was quite appropriate.

SNP - Better late than never:)