Saturday, September 8, 2012

Complete the Caption

Two fine gentlemen are out for a stroll. What's on their agenda, do you think? Do they have a destination in mind, or have they completed their business? Is someone in trouble? That cane...

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your submissions in the next post.

From Hermione's Heart


Simon said...

I'm sorry Mr Darwin but I still don't see how evolution explains why female buttocks are so delightful to spank.

sixofthebest said...

The first gentlemen says, as they are on there way to witness a flogging given to a female spy. "The authorities tell me that her bare bottom is most voluptous". The second gentlemen, says. "I wonder what it will look like after, she is given 25 strokes from a pliable stinging cane".

SNP said...

A firm hand and good spanking always keeps Charlotte in line when she gets into mischief.

Charles, ol boy, I think you might be right. Meg is going to feel this cane on her bottom for her latest antics.

Sounds like our ladies will both have trouble sitting comfortable at the play later on.

Indeed it does my friend. And with that the parted ways to take their women in hand.

Minielle Labraun said...

I understand you are feeling powerless, but you must assert your authority! Take control of your wayward wife my good man. Spank her bottom!

ricky said...

Hey, bro, do you have a cough-drop?
No, afraid not.
Blast! I guess we'll just have to
make our own, then.

ronnie said...

"Caruthers, I was most impressed how you dealt with your kitchen maid. You must show me that cane technique."


Anonymous said...

Best we practice walking with our heads down. When we get home, our wives will want our heads down while they lecture us on the evils of drinking, and then those damnable swishy canes will have us singing louder than we were at the pub... and this time not a merry tune
bottoms up

Young Lady said...

The brothers loved putting their listing up on craigslist "Identical Twins looking for a good time" and scaring all of the frat boys!

Bonnie said...

Thereafter, the phrase "blind leading the blind" was applied to all manner of ill-advised adventures.

Dave Wolfe said...

"Thanks awfully, old friend, something restorative at the pub will be very welcome indeed. Who would have thought caning a mere houseful of young women would make me feel my age so?"

Poppy said...

The one on the right is saying, "I spanked her just as hard as I could but nothing, nothing i tell you."

The one on the left reassures him, "Never fear old chap, we will go back together and she will feel our canes. We will sort her out."

vfrat25000 said...

Craig, my fake beard itches like crazy. Mine too but if we can sneak into the Ladies Dormitory at Yale it will all be worth it!

Why are we walking arm in arm? I don’t know! But I kind of like it! Me too!

I think there is something alive in my beard! Give it a rest Poindexter. Last week you thought you invented the Internet!

Do you really think this cloak and dagger disguise stuff is all that necessary just to attend a spanking party.

Hurry up William….I need to go pee!

Finally…Let’s get started….The judges for the Wet T-Shirt contest have arrived!

Lea said...

Tom and Joe thought the outfits would hide their identities on the way to the spanking party, but it just ended up making them more conspicuous.

Anonymous said...

I know me too....Reginald......I am so glad we unloaded our stocks in RCA and booked passage on the Titanic.

Ana said...

Guy on left, under his breath: Stop grimacing. It can't have hurt that much.

Guy on right, grimacing: Let's see you spanked with your own cane and see how much you smile.

A. Lurker said...

"Well Nigel, that was a real waste of time. We spend all afternoon donning this attire, not to mention the fortune we spent on these canes, in prepartation for the spanking party."

"I agree, Sebastian. Then it ends up as a sausage fest!"


Spankedhortic II said...

The anti Gillette revolutionaries where still being picked up by the authorities, no matter how low key they made their meetings.