Sunday, September 23, 2012

You Completed the Caption

I knew this photo would bring out the best in my readers, and you didn't disappoint me.

Dave: Looks like the Easter bunny forgot what time of year he is supposed to be hippity hopping. There is an outside chance that there might have been just a touch of alcohol involved.... :)

Terri: Well, THIS puts a whole new meaning on 'Playboy Bunny'. Could someone tell Heff one of his lovelies went off their meds and had a sex change?

 Who's going to tell the stoned sneakers and rabbit ears wearing humanoid thing it's under arrest? Would a baton to the butt get its attention?

Joey: That damn magician has turned his rabbit into a human again.

Anonymous: Just a hare ahead of the pack.

Ana: This was the first time that the SWAT team was put to its acronym purpose.

Minelle Labraun: Some bunny loves me.....!

Felicia Nemo: Another frosh week gone wrong at Queens as the engineering students met up in the biology department...

Sunnygirl: Hopping down the bunny trail got sidetracked.

Simon: Police: "Damn this is the third time this week we've been called out the university genetics engineering lab."

Vfrat25000: Can we shoot him? I’m not tackling him…You tackle him…I’m not touching him…No Way...Gloves or no gloves!!!

Call headquarters...We need more help…!
They want a description of the subject you are chasing!
Uhhhh…Tell them never mind…We will handle it!

This crap never happens on that show “Law and Order Special Victims Unit” This guy seems pretty “special” to me.

Great, I just stepped in a big pile of dog crap. This guy is going to regret this when I catch him!

Wheeee! I got all five numbers PLUS the Powerball….I’m rich..................I’m rich……….!

The Police Chief said he had something really different planned for his last day before retirement. He wasn’t kidding.

I had a great laugh this morning when I saw this one on my iPhone. One of the BEST! Thanks Hermione. 

I'm so glad you liked it. I always look forward to your batch of captions.

Prefectdt: Don't pick up the Easter eggs he just laid, they ain't chocolate.

Ronnie: First one to catch the bunny gets free tickets to the police ball.

A. Lurker: Bugs: "Ah, what's up Doc?"
Yosemite Sam: "I'ze a gonna catch me that wabbit 'n make me some wabbit stew!"
Silly wabbit!

Bonnie: "Joe, in the trunk of the patrol car you'll find a giant butterfly net. I think we're gonna need it..."

Lillie:  Just when we thought that Charlie Sheen had a new show, and he was going to put his life back together...

Alas the beloved Easter Bunny became yet another victim of the illicit drug and party scene that befalls many of the rich and famous.

Mitt Romney is considering a number of career alternatives if he is not elected President.

In a snap decision CNN decided to continue footage of this news breaking story, rather than the footage coming in from the riot in Pakistan.

Ian: ...Come on Chief, put your uniform on and get back in squad car...

trazuredpet: Bunnys gone wild lolol

Paul: I'm fed up with sex, I'm looking or a monastery, I've seen the light, yippee!

Bobbie-Jo: The Easter bunny got a little soused and was having a great time showing off his physique until the Keystone Kops showed up. Oh, the thoughts they had in mind, especially the female of the bunch!

Hermione: The annual university homecoming street party was even more out of control than usual this year.

Thank you, everyone, for making a silly picture even sillier. Have a safe, sane and consensual week!

From Hermione's Heart

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crankyspanker said...

OMG I missed it! You find the oddest things, in a good way of course, don't have a clue to explain anyway.