Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Naughty cartoon from bygone days

Early cartoons shown at the movies before the main feature were often quite violent, and as you may have guessed, many included spankings. Bimbo's Initiation, created in 1931, features a cartoon dog who undergoes a fraternity initiation against his will.

He endures quite a lot of brutal treatment, including a spanking while riding a bicycle. His bottom gets so hot his fleas leap off in flames. 

Betty Boop later appears and entices him to join the exclusive club. He finally gives in, and the other club members turn into Boop lookalikes. Bimbo and Betty end with a spanky dance.

Here's the complete cartoon.
Strangely enough, it was voted #37 on "The 50 Greatest Cartoons of All Time" in 1994.

The still photos above are from Cracked.  Click on the link to read about four other very dark cartoons.
From Hermione's Heart


Bas said...

Thank you Hermione,
It's clear that some people just don't take NO for an answer.
Makes you wonder what the filmmakers wanted to say and to whom.
But, you have to be impressed by all the ideas and ingenuity that went into this little animation.

Minielle Labraun said...

I saw this included in a music video with all kinds of spanking scenes from cartoons and movies. I only know that at some point the music repeats the words ya ya yayayayaya! Maybe Chross knows.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, I used to have nightmares like like the cartoon.

Anonymous said...


Poor Bimbo. I wonder how many children had bad dreams at night after watching these cartoons.

Thanks for sharing,


Aimless Rambling said...

Great ingenuity and perhaps inner feelings expressed on screen.

Ana said...

That is cracked!!! lol...

It is actually a really clever cartoon. I love all the playing with reality. Such perfect timing.

otk4us2 said...

Those are the kinds of cartoons I grew up with, as I remember, we just laughed and thought them fun. Since things were not so politically correct in those days I think we had a lot more fun.


A. Lurker said...

Hi Hermione,
I wonder if the creators of Super Mario Land were inspired by the various scenes here. Throw in some Koopas and the odd Piranha Plant and it could be a Mario game!

ronnie said...

A clever cartoon but not one of my favourites.

Thanks Hermione.


Hermione said...

Bas - I wonder about that myself.

Minelle - I'm not familiar with that video.

Mick - It's pretty scary.

Joey - I hate the fact that he's supposed to be a dog, although he doesn't look like one so I can tell myself he isn't.

Sunnygirl - True, it could be the creator's personal nightmare.

Ana - I agree, it has some very clever moments.

Dave - I remember them too, and didn't worry about them. They bother me much more now.

A. Lurker - Now that you mention it, there is a similarity. There's nothing new under the sun!

Ronnie - Nor mine.


Dee said...

I remember Betty Boop cartoons, but even though this feels vaguely familiar, I can't say I remember this. Ha! Probably blocked it from my memory lol! Because watching this even now, was fascinating, but strangely disturbing.

Dee x

ricky said...

What I recall on seeing those
cartoons, on TV retrospectives, was that all Betty Boop said, was "ooo!"
Gosh, what they gotta away with
back then, eh?

Hermione said...

Dee- I always though there was too much singing and dancing in her cartoons. I preferred action.

Ricky - Who needs dialogue with a shape like hers?