Monday, December 15, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 14

Our topic was the new British law banning spanking from websites located in the UK. 

Downunder Don: The law is quite ill conceived and stupidly discriminatory to English producers; it does not affect content produced from other sources.

I suspect it has more to do with politics and is shoring up support from the looney right at a time when the governments popularity is low.

Minelle: I think the law is absolutely ridiculous. Who gets to decide what is bann-able? What next?

Arched one: Some times people in government have way too much time on their hands. But it could create more jobs. I mean if such a law was enforced wouldn't they need a spanking police that would go to different houses and listen to who is being spanked.

Nina: I have heard of it for the first time, and it sounds pretty silly. In fact, some of it seems to be simply discriminating against British producers and I don't understand why showing female ejaculation is banned, if they don't ban the same for males too! This sounds as if somebody has projected some inner fears of theirs on the British people in general.

sub hub: It's always a slippery slope when the Central Authority decides what we can and can't do, see or think about. If for our own good you know. Cuz we aren't even smart enough to know that things are bad for us.

Um, just in case I need to explain, most of that was dripping in sarcasm.

Baxter: Our governments are just simply stupid in what they do. Washington DC is the pit of incompetence in the laws they come up with. In the case of the British spanking law, who was behind (hahahaha) it and why and what incompetent legislator or whatever they are called supported it and how did it ever come up for a vote? In DC they vote on bridges to nowhere, give research grants to explore the sex life of cockroaches. If they would actually deal with tax laws and other hi priority things, it would be good. Oh well, they should all be spanked, repeatedly.

morningstar: Well, being a pretty simple minded person - I am wondering what would stop the British producers from moving their websites from Britain to another country? Is the government going to close the internet borders???

I just think that it is all so unnecessary. And am betting someone will find a way around the law - or over it - or under it. OR... someone with lots of money might even challenge it.

Leigh: No significant impact on me personally. Truthfully, I think government should stay out of things. People, just like nature, will find a way to circumnavigate whatever obstacles are placed in their way; and then there's just one more law on the books.

Ronnie: No impact on me personally. It's an unnecessary and stupid intrusion. I have a short post on this subject.

Underling: It won't affect me, I don't think - but still this law is ill-conceived, unequal, interfering and probably unenforceable - and it's not just kinksters who think so.

While I accept of course that some groups - notably children - need to be protected from the murkier side of the internet and pornography, I'm always uncomfortable with the idea that someone who knows nothing about my (or indeed anyone's) sexual preferences should be able to determine that they need to be clamped down upon.

For me it's all about consent. If it's not there then there's real cause for concern - but if it is, then give consenting adults in a 'free country' the credit they deserve and the freedom to make the erotica they enjoy.

Hermione: To paraphrase what one blogger said, the Brits invented spanking; now they're banning it? I think the law is completely ridiculous, but the worst part is, the acts they have banned are all ones that women derive pleasure from. That in itself says a lot. The impact of this law will be felt financially by many spanking bloggers who are also models, producers or directors of spanking videos, and earn their living from them. I feel for those people.

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