Monday, December 1, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 30

This week we discussed the merits of sting versus thud.

Dragon's Rose: Sting! I don't like thud at all. Whether it is for fun or punishment. The difference is in the warm up. A punishment is shorter and faster. Pleasure has a long warm up and building intensity. Both sting.

Baxter: Funny you should ask this question. We were out in town today and wandered into Sur La Table. I had an agenda walking in there and meandered around but in the direction of the wooden cutting boards with wife in tow. I pulled out a cutting board with a handle and told my wife we need one of these. She said she would prefer one a bit longer, but we settled on the board paddle for $19.95. She informed me that she wouldn't be using it until Christmas. But anyway to your question, I like a paddle like that gives a nice warm thud, which is what I expect to receive on Xmas. She spanked me in Paris with a cutting board and it thudded while warming my bottom very well. My wife also uses a wooden spoon, a thin long wooden weaving board and a belt, all of which sting. Either a thud or sting, the point is to get spanked with a sore red bottom as a result. My wife excels at this.

Ronjon: Sting!! I love a leather belt for the sting it gives. I like to rest after the first spanking, enjoying the sting. Then I like a second spanking which gives even more sting.

Nina: I think most times I'd prefer the stingy sensation, but that is also because of the implements used. We have a heavy wooden paddle and that is used for punishment only. It thuds and that's horrible.
In addition, most of the other implements are more on the stingy side, and that includes all those that we use for pleasurable spankings.

Leigh: I prefer the sting over the thud.

Cali: I love the sting and I love the leather belt - although I recently got to experience a silicon spatula, which was pretty stingy even over my jeans. Since our spankings are all foreplay or stress relief, a paddle just wouldn't work for me.

Pearl: GREAT question!!! We recently had a spanking session where I was not fully aware of the implements being used and the sting vs thud came into play. The blind tilt "spanking stick" gives my FAVORITE sting. I love it more than a sane woman should. My Man then moved to something new he wanted to try. Something he felt might be better than the blind tilt. Two whacks and I was almost going to vomit. He used a wooden drum stick with the same snap swing as the blind tilt. It gave the deepest thud that I was not prepared for and did NOT enjoy in any way. So my answer, sting.

Sir Wendel: The sting is my favorite part.

Roz: Most implements we have produce a sting.

lindy: I prefer a sting. my husband uses a wooden spoon sometimes which I hate but when he uses the leather belt I feels so good.

Welcome, lindy!

Simon: Oh quite definitely sting. My favorite implement is the cane, I love the sound it makes on the way to my bottom, the sound it makes when it hits and the intense and localised sting. I hate heavy implements like large wooden paddles which thud and bruise a large area quite deeply.

Arched one: WOW it seems stingy is first on most lists. I also prefer sting but do like to feel the thud at times. It keeps me on my toes LOL. The belt and leather strop are my favorite implements to be used on me.

Ronnie: Much prefer sting to thuddy.

S: Definitely sting, which grows as the spanking goes on, and builds in to a great sexiness. Thud, no, it just hurts, and leaves bruises and major sitting problems. Sting makes me fidget for some time when I sit, but the hot glowing smart beneath my skirt reminds me of the lovely spanking I have just been given.

Six of the best: Hermione you might have guessed that I prefer the sound of the sting. For I love the feel of a cane in my hand, and when I bring it down on a ''naughty' lady's bare bottom, it's 'swish'. is music to my ears. I love it, I love it, I love it.

DelFonte: Am I alone in liking a thud! I'm fond of floggers because they both thud and sting at the ends, especially the knots.

sub hub: I'm with you Del Fonte ... I prefer thuddy to stingy. Stingy is what I get, but I prefer thuddy.

Katie: Not sure on this one, Hermione! I think that I would say sting, though DF has a good point. The flogger is pretty nice either way. I think of wood with thud usually, and leather with sting. Not a wood fan, but I do like the leather thing... Depends on the how and why of the spanker. ie. Rob in this case.

In summary, Katie T is indecisive! LOL!

Unknown: I am going against the grain here. I love thud! I don't mind stingy sometimes but I love thuddy all the time.

Blondie: Hate the slappy, would much rather have anything else. But sting and slappy are different. So I don't really care as long as it isn't light and smacky.

Hermione: There's something to be said for each, but personally I prefer the thud of a good, wide, leather paddle or strap. Some of our implements are too thuddy, and that isn't pleasant, but a moderate thud is fine. I dislike the sting of delrin or plastic implements like the loopy Johnny and the carpet beater. The sharp bite keeps me from settling into the mood and enjoying the spanking. Thuddy leather takes me to a special place. Nevertheless, each of our spankings includes sting as well as thud.

Jenn: I'm not sure. Sting is nice, as long as it's not too much. Thud hurts, but sometimes it has to hurt to get my attention.

Thank you all for your opinions on this hot topic!

From Hermione's Heart

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