Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 21

Greetings! Our topic this week was holiday stress and spanking. Here's what you said:

Dan: Our activity level always drops. It's not so much visitors, but all the holiday engagements. Office parties for two working parents, parties with work and social friends, etc. It seems like we have something else going on every night.

Jenn: I think the lack of responses today sort of highlights the problem: lack of time. However, I was able to "escape" the holiday madness for two spankings this week. Hope to have more after Christmas. I haven't had much holiday stress yet because I've been in total denial that Christmas is in 5 days! Time to go decorate my tree.

Nina: I am with Jenn, lack of time is the main problem. And this creates stress, which sometimes led to spankings because of bad behaviour or just as an outlet. But all in all we have had less spankings in the week prior Christmas and came back to more spankings right after Christmas eve.

Six of the best: For the last few years, as a single person, I have had no problems, in inviting a mature lady over for a delightful spanking session during the holiday season. After a good meal, with wine to toast, I lead her to my bedroom, where she proceeds to bend over the bed. Then with joyous rapture, I raise her dress waist high, pull down her bloomers, and cane that voluptuous naked rear end of hers. Of course she is wearing garter-belt and stockings at my request. This is usually followed by a sexual encounter.

Leigh: I wish - sadly the answer is no.

Arched one: We won't have company until right after Christmas as they are coming from out of town. There will be a spanking today as she likes to give me football spankings. then a short break while the kids are here then back to presenting my bottom.

Anne: Our daily activity drops, however I do keep track and usually once the holidays are over there is a series of "makeup" sessions that tend to make more than one impression.

Ronnie: Mainly lack of time so less spankings plus having guests around or visiting family during the holiday doesn't help. Spanked for stress relief yes even though I don't feel stressed but P always knows.

Baxter: R and I are taking the week of Christmas Dec 22-26 as vacation and staying at home. so far this weekend, we have had sex twice and she has spanked me twice. So we are off to a great holiday start. We live in the Midwest part of the US and there are no relatives from either side within 1000 miles and no parties to go to or host, so the next seven days are sex and spanking. and of course presents and going out to lunch and more spanking and sex and spanking. How about that?

Dr. Ken: Well, since I don't have a regular play partner, stress doesn't really change things much. It might make me wish I could play more, but since that isn't likely to happen....

Hermione: We don't find the holidays as stressful now as they used to be. We get our shopping done well ahead of time, the menu planned in advance, and I bake goodies at my leisure. This year our family has travelled to visit other relatives so we are free to indulge our spanking whenever we like, without the need to alter our schedule.

Happy Holidays, everyone!
From Hermione's Heart

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