Saturday, December 20, 2014

You Completed the Caption

The holidays bring out the best in my readers, and that includes captions. Enjoy!

sub hub: "Looking over at me carrying the rest of her luggage, Mistress K. was so proud of her pet that she was slightly overcome emotionally."

Leigh: He didn't even offer to carry my luggage.

Six of the best: "Now you can go back to your mother," said her husband. "For she needs a good spanking on her bare bottom, just like I gave you."

Enzo: "Dry your tears, young lady; it was a fair deal and you agreed to it. A spank for every pound over the baggage weight limit and in exchange you get to bring all your luggage," said the porter.
"But I didn't realize so many other passengers would be witnessing me being spanked...[sob] and of all days...the day I wore my black sheer panties!!"

Minelle: "Ouch! He gave me a spanking and insists I sit without my panties to make the message stick!"

Baxter: I am off to see my mom and siblings for the next two weeks without my man. I won't get spanked for two weeks. Oh woe is me, I will have to put up with the blah blah of my family, which is punishment enough, but I would rather the punishment be on my bottom. Two weeks, an eternity. But then I will return home and my man will be there with the tawse. Oh how I love my man.

Sir Wendel: Oh dear, I’ve lost the case with my paddles and canes. Whatever shall I do?

Arched one: I'm so sad he was not here to meet me at the depot. He is going to get such a hard spanking for making me wait.

Ricky: I wonder what she's all steamed up about?

Ronnie: How long do I have to sit here before I get one of these cowboys to notice me?

Hermione: Oh dear, I forgot to pack hubby's favourite paddle. Now how are we  going to ring in the New Year?

Please join us for a special holiday brunch with all the trimmings, coming up next.
From Hermione's Heart

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