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From the Top Shelf - We Don't Allow That Here

Things are getting exciting at the Hall of Infamy by Amanita Virosa. You may remember the belting that Kitty endured at the hands of Mr. Blackstock in the stables. What's that? You don't remember? Personally I thought it was quite memorable, but if you really don't recall it, read it here.

All done? Good.We pick up the story the following day,

Cautiously, Kitty placed the tray on the little rosewood table and darted an anxious glance towards her mistress.

"You may pour," Lady Alicia instructed, continuing to look out of the casement window. Trying to control the trembling of her hand, Kitty poured the Earl Grey, anxious in case she should spill a drop. When it was safely done, she stood awaiting further orders, sneaking a furtive peak at her mistress as she stood bathed in sunlight.

Lady Alicia presented a truly magnificent spectacle, her black hair pulled into a bun which emphasised her sultry Spanish beauty. Her breasts were full and her hips generous, her waist laced tightly into a long black corset. Apart from fine drawers of black silk and matching stockings, her only garment was a black lace negligee which she had allowed to fall open, letting the sun's rays caress her bare breasts and thighs.

Finally she turned to the maid. "Well, girl,how did you enjoy your trip to the stables yesterday?"

Kitty felt the blush suffuse her cheeks. She hesitated, hardly knowing how to answer.

Her mistress regarded her gravely for a moment. "So, answer me, little one - did Mr Blackstock give you a good belting?"

Kitty's bottom lip began to tremble. "Yes, ma'am," she whispered huskily, staring at the floor.

"Let's see. Turn around and drop your drawers!"

The instruction was easy to follow. The skirt of Kitty's uniform was so short it rode up as she bent, and she only to pull her knickers down to leave her bottom exposed.

Lady Alicia stared hard and grunted. "Yes, I see he did a sound job."

Kitty quivered at the memory as her mistress leisurely perused the evidence of her thrashing.

"All right, you can pull them up. Let that be a lesson to you not to spill my tea!" The maid adjusted her dress with huge relief. By the time she stood upright again, her mistress had returned to her vigil at the window. "Tell me Kitty, when Mr Blackstock was belting your bare arse, were any of the stable boys present?"

Kitty blushed a deeper shade of scarlet and the knot in her stomach tightened. If she had dared, she would have refused to answer, but Lady Alicia's enquiries were not to be ignored. "Y-yes, ma'am," she whispered, hanging her head in shame as she remembered the boys' comments...their hands touching their...their things....

"I see. And what were the boys doing during - and after - your punishment?"

Kitty sniffed disconsolately but she knew she had to answer; Lady Alicia had an uncanny talent for finding out the truth. "They-they touched me...and they...they played with themselves..."

"Played with themselves, you say?" Lady Alicia interrupted. "What do you mean? Surely you're not suggesting they indulged in self-abuse?"

Kitty glanced up to find her mistress's gaze upon her. Her tone was shocked but her eyes were sparkling and there was a hint of a smile on her lips. "Come here!"

Kitty approached her mistress with trepidation, but Lady Alicia merely motioned her to look down into the courtyard. Below, outside the stables, a boy of about nineteen was forking manure into a barrow. As the day was hot and the work hard, he had stripped to the waist. Though slender, his body was wiry and gave the impression of strength. His dark hair had been cropped, giving him something of the air of a convict. His body was nearly hairless, his pale skin glistening with sweat as he laboured in the warm sun. He put down the fork and bent to lift the barrow, the seat of his cord breeches tightening as he did so. Unaware of the women's gaze, he lifted the barrow and wheeled it out of sight.

Lady Alicia turned to Kitty and her eyes were bright. "What about him, the new boy - did he abuse himself?"

Kitty looked down, remembering the boy laughing... She had to stop herself from smiling; revenge was going to taste so sweet.

* * *

Davy followed the blonde maid up the stairs, his eyes fixed on her behind. Below her knickers, above the tops of her stockings, he could see the traces of Mr Blackstock's belt inscribed in shades of mauve. The sight, together with the memory of Kitty bucking under the belt, her bottom bouncing from the impact of the strap, combined to make his manhood swell inside his tight breeches.

Davy had never been inside the house before and wondered at the size of it as Kitty led him down a long corridor, her perilously high heels click-clacking on the tiles and echoing around the hallway. He had no idea why he had been summoned. A wild hope that yesterday's delights might be repeated competed with a strange sense of unease. Finally, the maid stopped, and turned to look at him haughtily. As she knocked, Davy thought he caught the hint of a smile. The little trollop wasn't so full of herself yesterday, he thought, but his amusement was short-lived. A husky female voice bid them enter.

Davy was astonished. He had little experience of women. What he had seen of Kitty with her drawers down for the belt had been something of a revelation to him. Certainly, he had never seen anything like Lady Alicia. She stood resplendent in the sunshine by the window, hands on hips. Her proud breasts were upthrust by the corset, veiled only partly with a film of black lace through which her jutting nipples glowed like rubies against pale cream skin. Davy blushed to see so much of so grand a lady, then blushed deeper as the riot of silk and lace and perfume in the room made him all the more aware of his own coarseness; his stench of sweat, horses and manure, his rough stained breeches and the patched smock he had thrown on when Kitty had come to fetch him.

Lady Alicia regarded the red-faced stable boy with distaste. "You what is your name, boy?"

"Davy Falconer, if you please, your ladyship."

"You will address me as 'ma'am, do you understand, boy?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"How long have you been at Hope Hall, Falconer?"

"I started last week, ma'am. If you please, ma'am." Davy found himself unable to wrench his gaze from her nipples. Visions of chewing on them made his mouth go dry and his cheeks flame brighter.

"Well, Falconer, I have to tell you that reports have come to me of appalling behaviour on your part. I wish to find out if these reports are true."

Davy felt a sudden dread. What had he done? He tried to think. He thought of Kitty's smug smile but no - it couldn't be that. The other stable lads had done the same, had egged him on; he had thought it must be normal at Hope Hall - permitted, encouraged even.

"I have been told that while my maidservant was being chastised yesterday, you had the impertinence to masturbate. Tell me now, boy, and tell me the truth. Did you, or did you not, abuse yourself during my maid's punishment?"

Davy reeled in shock. Lady Alicia was terrible in her anger. For all her flouncing silk and lace there was steel in her voice. He did not know what to say. He had frigged himself while the chit was being whipped, though surely she had been too distracted to see? At any event, there had been others present, as guilty as he and yet witnesses for all that....

"Yes, ma'am, but I weren't the only -"

"Silence, boy!" she roared. "I have no wish to hear excuses from masturbating brats. At Hope Hall self-abuse is punished, and that means you are going to be thrashed."

Davy was thunderstruck. The thought occurred to tell her ladyship to go hang, that he would go and get another job. Somehow, though, the words would not come. Maybe he was mesmerised by Lady Alicia's splendour; perhaps the hope of future delights like watching Kitty's whipping was too intoxicating to forgo. Anyway, as Davy told himself, he was a tough lad who could take a beating from any woman. His only real fear was that he would be ordered to drop his breeches. In front of Lady Alicia and a sniggering Kitty, that would be too humiliating to endure.

To his relief, Lady Alicia indicated a whipping triangle ready set up in the corner of the room, then coldly ordered him to remove his smock. A birch or cat on my back, he thought, suppressing a smirk. I'll show these women how Davy Falconer can take that! He allowed Kitty to buckle the restraints around his wrists. He grinned insolently at her, but she seemed disturbingly self-satisfied. He suffered himself to be secured, standing with arms above his head, against the triangle. Nor did he struggle when the maid fastened his ankles close together. Only when Lady Alicia came close, close enough to smell her intoxicating perfume, so close that her jutting nipples grazed his naked back, did his self assurance start to waver. She reached around and took his nipples between sharp nails, and for the first time, Davy shivered.

"You stink, boy, do you know that?" Lady Alicia whispered huskily into his ear. Her overwhelming presence assailed his senses. Her lacy negligee brushed against his bare back, tickling terribly. Musk-rose perfume made his head reel as her nails bit hard into his nipples. Davy groaned.

"Answer me, boy. Do you realise that you stink?"

"Ow, yes ma'am." He gasped as she twisted his nipples viciously between her crimson talons. Davy was trembling now, panic growing, but then she released his nipples and reached down to his waist and began to unbuckle his belt.

"Oh no!"

"What's the matter, boy? Don't you want Kitty to see you?" Lady Alicia undid his breeches and pulled them down to his knees. "I thought she already had. Kitty, look. Hasn't he got a pretty bottom?"

Davy's face burned. He was shamefully exposed.

"And what's this, boy? Don't tell me you have the gall to entertain impure thoughts even here, in my very bed-chamber? Kitty, fetch me a cane!" She put her lips to his ear again, gouging his rigid prick with her nails as she whispered, "I'm going to thrash you now, boy. I'm going to cane you till you cry. I'm going to beat you until you beg for mercy."

Davy took a deep breath when she released him to take the rod, swearing to himself that she would never hear him beg. He was no coward, nor was he unacquainted with the rod. Yet as she slashed the long cane through the air with an ominous whoosh, his whole body tensed. His cock and balls had felt so vulnerable to her talons, he wondered if there was any limit to what this terrifying creature might do.

Finally the cane fell, slicing across his bottom with a sickening thwack. A hiss of pure pain escaped from between Davy's gritted teeth. As the waves of pain slowly subsided, he tensed himself for the next stroke. But Lady Alicia was in no hurry, content to let the agony from the first cut slowly fade.

"Stop sniggering, Kitty, unless you want some of the same!" He heard the cane whoosh through the air again, the sound making his stomach clench so hard it hurt, but no impact followed. Only after several preparatory swishes, each one ratcheting his nerves to screaming pitch, did she finally lash into him again.

Afterwards, Davy could not have said how long the thrashing lasted, nor how many strokes his bottom and thighs received. Lady Alicia beat him leisurely, with long pauses between each stroke, but she was pitiless and her arm was strong. She whipped his bottom and the backs of his thighs, working down until the cane cracked across his legs a little above the knees. Then she worked up again, taking no pains to avoid striking the crimson marks of previous strokes.

When she reached the tops of his buttocks, Davy waited in apprehension as his tormentor took a break to refresh herself with tea and cakes. Then the strokes started again over cheeks already beaten to redness. Soon after she resumed the torment, Davy heard himself beg. Begging quickly turned to pleading for mercy, and pleading to howling helplessly as the cane came down again and again.

Lady Alicia released him herself, cooing insincere condolences to the sobbing boy. Davy slumped to his knees and found his face pulled into the black silk of Lady Alicia's drawers. The sweet sensations of warm silk and perfume vied with the dreadful throbbing in his hindquarters, creating a state of mind close to delirium. Lady Alicia stroked his neck firmly, pulling his face into her crotch.

"There now, boy, your whipping's over. You can stop crying now." She caressed him as the pain slowly subsided. Davy felt foolish yet wildly excited. Trembling with anticipation, he nuzzled the warm flesh of his mistress through the warm silk which blotted out his vision.

Oh my. I think Davy might be having impure thoughts again.
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Roz said...

This was a great instalment Hermoine. Seems Davy's punishment was a double edge sword for him. Both painful and arousing. Thank you for sharing more of this wonderful story :)


Enzo said...

Not my type of scene, but entertaining story none the less.

Did I miss a chapter at the stables though? I don't remember anything else except him being a witness -?

Thanks for keeping this story going, Hermione.


ronnie said...

Quite a harsh punishment for Davy but arousing. Look forward to reading more. Thanks Hermione.


Hermione said...

Roz - I think it's significant that all punishments in this book cause arousal in both parties.

Enzo - Maybe not, but there sure is something for everyone in this novel.

Yes, Davy was watching, and quite enjoyed the scenery!

Ronnie - There's plenty more where that came from. Stay tuned.


Hobbes said...

Davy's not the only one having impure thoughts . . .. And I think there is a bit of melted plastic on the edge of my monitor.