Monday, April 24, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 23

Are the children of today curious about spanking? Will the next generation contain more, fewer, or the same number of spankos?

Wilma: Interesting thought. I wonder if we will have more, that's my guess.

kdpierre: Great question and observation. Since no real study has been done, anything we observe is strictly anecdotal...but even that can lead to accurate observation.

My feeling is that the lack of 'real' spanking might actually result in more sexual spankos later on. The absence of conflicting feelings stemming from unpleasant childhood memories could actually enable a healthier view of the activity.

And I've never agreed with psychologists who insisted the fetish had to originate in a childhood experience. I think the interest in experiencing pain during pleasure, toying with control, focusing on behinds, are all perennial elements of sexuality for some people...regardless of some prepubescent indoctrination.

Dan: I suspect KD is right, though we've run polls on my blog about whether being spanked as a child increased (or decreased) interest in adult spanking, and it was hard to see any correlation one way or another. But, it was a limited sample size. So who knows.

Sir Wendel: I would say that kids today have an interest in spanking. Although I think they do not have much of a development phase. They call it up from the internet and it is immediately there for them to see. My first exposure started with the spankings and whippings I got from my parents so the development took a bit longer.

Roz: Great question Hermione, hard to know but I suspect kd is right too.

Simon: This is basically a variation on the old "Nature or Nurture" debate. Is a love of spankings etc a result of upbringing or a personality trait that is innate? Personally I think in my case it was innate but I wouldn't go so far as to suggest that applies to everyone. I'm old enough to have grown up in a time when spankings at home, and canings and strappings in school, were common. My parents didn't use physical punishment but from an early age I knew that I was interested in and later aroused by the thought of punishment. I feel that my interest would have developed even without any outside influences and I suspect the same will apply to people growing up now. I have recently been lucky enough to punish several young ladies who have grown up without any cultural acceptance of spanking as discipline but they still developed a liking for it as a pleasurable activity and what's even more surprising is their understanding of the rituals such as telling off and cornertime etc which are clearly handed down from a time when CP was used as discipline.

Dr. Ken: I have no idea as to kids, but judging by the number of young people in their 20's that are showing up at spanking parties like Crimson Moon, I'd say the number will definitely increase in the long run....

Leigh: I think it's a cycle and while there are places where children are not physically chastised, I think there are as many places where spanking is still the 'go to' deterrent.

As for adults, as long as we humans get that delicious feeling at the mention of the word,see a picture of someone getting spanked, or when the smallest of touches on that particular portion of your body, arouses you, makes me think that it will always be a part of the human experience.

Ronnie: That's a good question Hermione. Really hard to know but from what Dr Ken has observed - more young people in their 20's attending spanking parties, then I think there will be an increase.

Hermione: A few weeks ago, Ron was playing with his grandson, when the little one suddenly said, "Spank me, Grandpa." To our knowledge, corporal punishment was unheard of in his family. Ron obliged, very gently of course, but the boy piped up, "Harder!" Ron looked at me and said quietly, "It runs in the family." Could the lad have picked it up at nursery school?

I think the future bodes well for spankos, and the numbers will not diminish.

That was a great discussion!
From Hermione's Heart

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