Monday, April 10, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 9

How does having children in the house impact your spanking activities?

Yorkie: I have my own, grown up children so we have use quiet implements and put the telly on reasonably loud.

There was one time some years ago when our eldest mentioned a "clapping" sound one night. We said not to worry about it as it was nothing...

Roz: We don't have children or other people in the house, though I used to worry about neighbours hearing anything. If any ever did they have never let on.

Wilma: We have 3 teens, one who is now out of school so things have been more challenging the past year. If the spanking is of the punishment variety it is done in the very early morning in the laundry/storage room in the basement. Resets (which aren't nearly as effective with others home) are done when the two boys have left for school, in our room. Quick reminders are done anytime, in our room. All of these are done with silent implements- the cane being the obvious choice for Barney, but he does often use the Devil's braid as well.

Fortunately no one has heard anything. Thank goodness for sound sleepers and electronic devices with earphones they love so much!

Leigh: No kiddies around here, but then not much spanking either.

Anon: We have three daughters, one is grown and lives away, the other is in college and is frequently here on the weekends and summer, and a high-schooler. My husband won't do anything if they are in the house, but luckily he works from home so we have M-F until she gets home from school to do our thing. The weekends and summer especially get to be very difficult.

Terpsichore: We have two children...we used to wait until they fell asleep but that is harder now that they are older and staying up later...once when my daughter was little she said she heard a loud sound but didn't understand anything - now she has been to say we kiss loudly :-) I worry that now they have more of an awareness it is harder for us to be secret...mostly we wait for a rare opportunity when either they are definitely asleep (and we are still awake) or they are not in the house...thus sadly spankings don't happen frequently here.

Ronnie: No children or grandchildren here so no problem but we do make sure we don't leave any of our toys out as son does pop in every now and then to visit and sometimes when we aren't around to borrow things from P.

missy: HisLordship and I have 7 children between us so our house is always busy and full of teenage ears and eyes so we have to be careful. Spanking has to take place when we are alone so we try to make the best of the opportunities we have there. We use the cane more regularly becasue that can't be heard as easily (as long as I can keep quiet of course).

Hermione: Our grandchildren don't visit often, and their visits are brief, so no worries there. We do make sure all the adult toys are hidden when they are here, and doorknob protectors foil attempts to go snooping.

Thank you all for joining in this interesting discussion.
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