Sunday, July 17, 2011

You Completed the Cowboy Caption

Howdy, pardners! Let's enjoy some home on the range spanking fun with your captions:

Bonnie: "I'm really over a barrel this time!"

Simon(e): Hermione really regretted complaining that her new drawers made her bottom feel cold.

Season: She shouldn't have laughed at him for being saddle sore after his day on the range. Naughty girl!

Six of the best: She said, "Last night I said I have a 'splitting headache'. Not getting into my 'splitting bloomer's" He said. "Spanks-a-lot".

Sara: He's a cowboy. They're an ornery bunch. End of story!

Red: You forgot to purchase the Harry Potter tickets for the premiere you will watch a later performance standing.

Meow: Darlin', I told you I wanted "rump roast" when I got home!

Ronnie: "I told you before you never handle a horse like you did today and I hope this spanking will be a reminder."

A. Lurker: How many times do I have to tell you? When we're home on the range, I don't want you playing with the antelopes, dear!!!

Daisychain: "I am just going to spank you hard like this daily for a couple of weeks; that will get your bottom toughened up so riding will be a breeze..."

Bree512: Male: I warned you about what would happen if you threw my favorite hat into the river!

End caption, but let's continue the story....

Male: And this is for me having to chase it all the way down river for hours!

Narrator: Poor Tops. They are always getting their clothes and accesories all wet. (Smirk)

Female: I didn't throw it in the river. A gust of wind suddenly came up and wrenched it from my hand.

Male: Oh really! There was no wind young lady. You should not have taken it anyway. Now the hat is ruined. I can't wear it because it is all bent out of shape and has a hole in it from it being torn by the rocks.

Female: I didn't mean for that to happen. I only wanted to try the hat on. Really!

Male: That maybe so, but you will have to suffer the consequences of your actions. I am going to spank you until your bottom is a size bigger than your bloomers. On second thought, maybe two sizes since these are split-back bloomers.

Female: No! I don't see why I have to be spanked for just trying to have some fun.

Male: Mischief is more like it. Your red glowing bottom will be on display for all to see. Everyone will see what a naughty, disobedient brat you really are.

Female: I am not a brat! You are so mean! Ouch!

Narrator: Tsk! Tsk! This sounds like it is going to be a long hard spanking. Just the way she likes it. Giggles.

Lea: He's saying "I'd be happy to re-create your favorite scene from McClintock!"

Kingspan: What do you get when you cross "Oklahoma" with "Kiss Me, Kate"?

Anonymous: This will teach you not to play around with my six-shooter!

Prefectdt: Spanker sings "Don't try to understand em, just bend and rope and spank em, Raw Hide"

MyMask: The wrangler comes in and says, "Hermoine, I told you that if you did not have your indoor chores done, before I finished mine, this is what was going to happen. Now go find me a switch."

Hermione: Giddyup!

I'm much obliged to everyone who left a caption. Ya'll all come back next week, y'hear? Or as we Canadians in the east would say, "Youse all come back soon, eh?" 

From Hermione's Heart

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MyMask said...

Hi Yo Silver, Away with the rest of your clothes ;)

Giddyyup hermoine