Saturday, December 5, 2009


Bonnie told us all about Randy's favourite implement here, and it seems that the shop it came from - Crabtree and Evelyn - no longer carries them. While wandering through a large downtown shopping mall last week, I passed a Crabtree and Evelyn, and on impulse I went in to check for wooden bath brushes.

I found a wooden bath brush. Not like the one in Bonnie's post; it was straight and the bristles were set into rubber. I had to reach around a customer to examine it and a couple of other wooden items. She and the sales assistant helping her must have wondered what the attraction was.

There was another interesting shop, filled with an eclectic assortment of gifts, clothing and toiletries. In a corner, beside the soaps and lotions, I saw a dark wood cabinet with several shelves and locked glass doors. Each shelf contained a variety of shaving brushes and stands. (Did you know a shaving brush lasts longer if you hang it from its own little stand?) The prices were pretty steep, but the brushes were lovely to look at.

Then on a lower shelf I saw two hairbrushes lying side by side.
The long, narrow one was labelled as a man's brush, and the shorter, wider one was a woman's. The man's brush cost twice as much but I thought the ladies' model would do a much better job. And I don't mean brushing hair.

From Hermione's Heart


Fabsterrant said...

Hermione, you'll have to convince Santa you've been "bad" to get any on these.


B. Iddy said...

Zellers has some wicked bath brushes for a reasonable price, I think $8-$10. They also have a bamboo spatula that hurts like the dickens.

Just sayin'.

Scunge said...

I can attest to bamboo being AWFUL! Also if you have a Bed,Bath and Beyond their bath-brushes can be lovely or AWFUL depending on the type of spanking you are getting. :)

Hermione said...

Fab - You're right. Do you think I can?

Biddable - Welcome! Yes, I have seen the spatulas, and bath brushes (ouch!) too. Winners also has bath brushes from time to time.

Scunge - I don't think we have that store here, but i have more than enough bath brushes anyway.


Anonymous said...

You can't have too many brushes!
Have you ever been spanked with the bristle-side?

Hermione said...

Anonymous - To answer your question - no. And personally, I think we have quite enough brushes at present! I may have to hide a few.

Anonymous said...

bath brushes are definitely effective. I disagree, you can never have too many different size brushes. The unexpected always is worthwhile

Em said...

Hermione - how funny! Just today I came across one of those weighted bookmarks (before seeing this post) and immediately thought of your guess the implement series. I gave my hand a few testing whacks with the bookmark and thought it could make quite a fun toy.

Em said...

Well, somehow my comment ended up under the wrong post. Google was acting a little funny...

Clearly I was responding to the Friday Fail post :) On the topic of bathbrushes, I agree that you can certainly have too many. In fact, I'd say one was too many.

Hermione said...

Red - I agree they are very effective. Ron rarely uses the ones we have, but when he does, I wish he hadn't.

Em - Good to know, about the bookmarks. I have only seen pictures, but maybe one would be worth a try.

I agree, one is one too many!