Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I was in another part of our office complex the other day, helping someone with a problem. When my co-worker went to get something off the printer, I wandered out of her cubicle and looked around, because I didn't visit this area often. I peeked into the office opposite and gasped. Something familiar was hanging on the wall over the desk; could it really be what I thought it was?

I looked away and tried to act casual, because it was the office of one of the managers whom I didn't know very well. Then I looked again and saw that the office was empty, so I moved closer and stared in amazement.

Was it? Could it be?

Yes, I'm sure there was a flogger hanging over the desk. A coloured flogger. With ribbons attached.

Well, maybe it was a fly whisk. But it sure looked like a flogger to me.

From Hermione's Heart


Fabsterrant said...

LOL, does indicate what side of the conversation an employee is on when called into the office.


Hermione said...

Fab - Yes, I'm sure it does.


Jean said...

Looks, like one to me, also

B. Iddy said...

I bet that would be a fun co-worker to have drinks with.

ronnie said...

Think your right, definitely looks like one to me.


Hermione said...

Jean - The picture is pretty close to what I saw, except for colour.

Biddable - I think there are a few others in the office who might be fun, too.

Ronnie - I must ask someday why it's hanging there.


Unknown said...

You should ask. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.