Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday FAIL

Pervertables that shouldn't give up their day jobs in the vanilla world.

ChopStir ™ Cooking Tool
This unique tool's chopping blade breaks ground meat into pieces that cook faster and more uniformly - helping speed cooking time! Great for stirring soups and casseroles too. Plastic blade won't scratch

Maybe it won't scratch, but you could end up with some deep gouges from this little helper. Maybe if you had a teeny, tiny bum, and the little blade rotated...

Powdered Sugar Sifter Spoon
Classic sifting spoon sprinkles brownies, French toast, and more with a delicious dusting of confectioner's sugar! Also great for cinnamon or nutmeg on hot drinks. Stainless steel with curved, easy-grip handle.

It might pack a good wallop, or leave an interesting pattern behind. Does powdered sugar prevent bruising?

Silicone Whisk Set of 3
These modern whisks have silicone heads, so they'll take the heat for stovetop stirring and won't scratch. Stainless steel handles feature hooks for hanging. Heat-resistant to 446 degrees F. Hand wash. Set of three includes a size for every need.

I'm glad they take the heat! But that lovely smacking sound would be missing. These are whisper-quiet whisks.

From Hermione's Heart


Fabsterrant said...

Geez I hope I do better today than on the role play quiz. All I did was pick a category, which was teacher student, and left no remark. Anywho, picking a implement that won't work should some how fit right in,lol. My choice would be the sifter for egg nog inhancement with cinnamon. Looks like it could be used as a spitball launcher in class. Could probably flick a spitball clear across the room with it. Gulp. I know I'm gonna get caught.

Hugs, Fab

B. Iddy said...

That sugar sifter spoon looks damn handy. I hate having to break out the big sifter for small, decorative jobs.

Oooh, sugar-coated Captain... yum!

Hermione said...

Fab - Spitballs in class? It sounds like you were a VERY naughty schoolboy.

Biddable - Yes, it does look handy. I think Captain might enjoy a little decoration - LOL.