Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coronation Street Spanking

There hasn't been much kink on Coronation Street lately, but here's what I've seen in episodes aired in Canada over the past few months.

After a teenage couple have an argument and split up, their single parents arrange to accidentally meet at a bowling alley with their respective children, in the hopes of helping them resolve their differences. After their attempt fails and the youngsters go their separate ways, the parents are left together.

Joe (a builder): We're entitled to a bit of fun, aren't we?...Let's go put some embarrassing shoes on."

Gail: Why do I feel like a naughty schoolgirl?"

Joe: Watch what you say. I do a mean line in court about punishment."

Weeks later, romance is in full bloom for both the teens and their parents. Gail and Joe are leaving for a romantic weekend. She comes down the stairs, and the kids tease her about her unfashionable coat. Joe takes her in his arms, swats her bottom and says she's a very sexy woman.

Joe's daughter: "Let's lay the ground rules. No bum-slapping. It makes me sick."

Disgruntled Norris, upon returning from a very crowded Christmas church service, complained that he couldn't find anywhere to sit, and had to stand pressed up against the font. The result was that he had "the life of St. Chad embossed on my backside. You could do a rubbing."

At a girls-only party the evening before a wedding, the future mother-in-law of the bride-to-be gave the handsome, sexy bartender a loud swat on the bottom. He didn't mind. It was all part of the service.

I have written about spanking on the Street before, here and here.

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

I might just have to start watching Coronation Street again :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great show!

Fabsterrant said...

Hermione, ty for all the hyper links! I don't think we get the show here in the States but learning what Frendh polishing is was attention getting. No doubt every immaginary classroom should have a set of fork and spoons on display with the spoon set higher. Only used on the Very naughty, of course.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - MarQe has written about a recent spanking on Corrie. Yes, you'll have to start watching again.

G - It's the only soap I watch.

Fab - No, I don't believe it's available in the States. I agree, the fork and spoon should be required decorations.


Anonymous said...

Europeans have so much more fun with being not shocked, as North Americans are! Spanking, jolly good show. Visiting European beaches in summer is a delight, and far more naturl.