Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday WIN

As a companion to the Friday Fail, I'm also starting a second series called Wednesday WIN. If on Fridays I show you implements that just wouldn't work, and are best left to perform their vanilla functions, on Wednesdays I'll be doing the opposite. I'll present pervertables that look like they would work very well in some spanking-related way.

Here's the first one.

Here's the description as it appeared on the website that sells it:

The Portable Gel Seat
Unlike bulky seat cushions that are heavy or difficult to carry, this compact gel-filled cushion weighs only 2 1/2 lbs, folds in half, and is easily portable due to its integrated handle. The soft, pliant gel- and supportive foam-filled pads disperse weight across the width of the cushion, relieving point of contact pressure inherent in long periods of sitting. For additional comfort, the center groove eliminates contact pressure on the tailbone and soft tissue. The surface slopes forward a gentle 5° to encourage proper pelvic posture, while 16 small vented openings allow for adequate ventilation.

This would be very welcome to a well-reddened posterior. Especially the 16 vents to help dissipate all that heat.

From Hermione's Heart


Fabsterrant said...

Hermione, no doubt an aid to concentration especially on the job. A mouse pad for the bum. Could always be put away if you wanted the time to go faster.

Hugs, Fab

Hermione said...

Fab - A mouse pad! I never thought of that. Very clever.



Essential equipment for the train ride home ;)


AngelBrat said...

What s great series!How about including a link on the Wins so we can purchase? :)

Anonymous said...

Why would a person who desires to be spanked often, want to take away the reminder of the spanking? MArs and Venus one more time!

Hermione said...

Prefectdt - That's a great idea.

Angelbrat - I've added the link.

Red - There are times when it's too much of a good thing.


turiya said...

That would be great... although I doubt I'd be allowed to use it. Hehe...


ronnie said...

I cold do with one of them, especially for my office chair.

Sounds good Hermione, I'll look forward to Wednesday's.


Hermione said...

Spirited one - Too bad it would be for show only!

Ronnie - I'm glad you like the idea. There are so many great things out there, waiting to be discovered as being related to spanking in some way.

AngelBrat said...

Thanks, Hermione!