Saturday, December 26, 2009

From the Top Shelf

Here in Canada, magazines of an adult nature are displayed on the top shelf in stores, well beyond the reach of most children (and many adults). From time to time I will be writing excerpts from books that might very well be stored on the top shelf because of their erotic, spanking-related contents.

I came across a book called 80 Days in Captivity, which is the diary of a young lady. The uncle of this maiden lost a game of cards with Phineas Fogg, after having wagered his niece on the outcome. And so the niece, referred to only as C, was sent to live with Mr. Fogg for 80 days. In her diary, she described her adventures during that time, and luckily for us, many of them involved spanking.

This is from the earliest entry in the diary, and is the first conversation between Phineas and C.

"You are a very bad girl," Mr. Fogg stated.
"Yes," I replied. "I am."
"It has occurred to met that you may require a spanking," he said.
"This may be so."
"Did Henry [her uncle] bend you over his knee?"
"In more ways than one, sir."
"Then I shall lay you across my lap, right here," said Mr. Fogg, "and make your tender arse a tad red."

I understood what I had to do. I presented my bottom to him, lying across his legs. He slapped each cheek gently. "Bad bad girl," he said with absolute delight.
I told him: "You can hit me harder if you like."
"How hard, my dear?"
"As hard as Mr. Fogg wishes."
"It is not my wish to cause you pain."
"Perhaps the desire for pain is my wish."
"Oh, indeed, you are a bad girl!"

He spanked me harder.
"Do you like that, young strumpet?" he asked.
"Very much so, Mr. Fogg, "I returned.
"Shall I hit you harder?"
"If it pleases you, it pleases me."

A later chapter of the diary, titled 'In which my master, Mr. Phineas Fogg, spanks my tender little arse again for being such a strumpet', Fogg delivers some more discipline:

He then did what I expected, what I hoped for in my heart but would never admit with the words that come out of my ...mouth. Mr. Fogg laid me across his lap and gave each of my cheeks a good spanking, stopping now and then...

"it excites me," said this gentleman who won me in a card game...

Just as I was about to reach up and kiss the bearded man, he smacked my bottom good (as if he knew what I was thinking) and told me what a bad girl I was.
This I knew, this I agreed. To this I said, "Yes, Mr. Fogg."
And he hit my bottom again, but good, and I shuddered with delight at his burning and sturdy touch.

Fogg wasn't the only one who enjoyed our favourite sport. In the chapter called 'In which my Master's manservant spanks me good' she teases the servant Passepartout, until he is forced to retaliate.

"You should be punished," said he, "you should be spanked, mademoiselle."
"I agree."
"I shall bend you over my knee."
"Do it, if you must."
And he did.
"I shall spank you," he said.
"I shall deserve every whack," said I.
"I will show no mercy."
"I would not expect it otherwise."


Well, he spanked me good. he left my buttocks quite black and blue.
"Do you want more?" he kept asking.
I was in tears as I said, "Give me what you have. Is your hand not tired by now?"
"My hand throbs," he said, "but I will give you more, if that's what you require."
"I require a lot, sir," I told him.
"Then you shall receive..."
And did.

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

A very cool book! Thanks for sharing!


Lil Sam said...

Thanks for sharing Hermione, Who is the Author. I would like to see about getting a copy of that one
Lil Sam

Xemxija said...

Has it been scanned by Google Books I wonder, or available in full anywhere else?

Meow said...

I love these old-fashioned spanking stories! Thanks! Meow

Hermione said...

PK - Glad you liked it.

Lil Sam - The author was that prolific writer, Anonymous, and the publisher was Blue Moon. You can search for it through I would love to send you my copy.

Xemxija - Sorry, I don't know.

Meow - Me too.


Jadedjewel said...

Very cool. Thank you so much for sharing. Is there more?


ronnie said...

Hermione, I hope you and Ron had a wonderful Chrismta.

Sounds like a good book. I'll look forward to reading excerpts from other book you find.


Hermione said...

Jadedjewel - More spanking? No. The rest of the book contained explicit descriptions of sexual acts and that's not the focus of my blog.

Ronnie - I have some more in progress. Yes, we did enjoy Christmas very much this year.


Unknown said...

fun to read. Did you imagine yourself in just such a bet at sometime in life...