Thursday, December 10, 2009

Role Play

Which scenario do you enjoy the most?
teacher / student
doctor / nurse
employer / employee
governess / pupil
matron / ward
parent / child
politician / constituent
master / servant
military officer / recruit
police officer / offender
viking / victim
pirate / serving wench
all of the above
something else
none - I don't do roleplay

From Hermione's Heart


A.S.S. said...

We voted for teacher/student... though we enjoy lots on the list. We'll have to try that Viking one too!

~Todd and Suzy

B. Iddy said...

We're not much for roleplaying. Although I do sometimes like to go on about my "honour". It plays well for a laugh.


I voted Master/Servant although I really mean it as Mistress/Servant. "The butler has dropped the tray, again. To me Hawshore."


turiya said...

We don't do role play... well not in this sense anyway... I mean I don't think D&D type stuff counts here. LOL

We are interested in trying an interrogation type scene, though. I think that would be fun!

Unknown said...

No real need for role-play! Having lots of fun without it.

ronnie said...

We don't do real role play any more but I did vote for employer/employee as P can be quite stern if I've made any typo mistakes


Hermione said...

Todd & Suzy - that seems to be a popular choice.

Biddable - Sounds like fun!

Prefectdt - Yes, all the choices were intended to be convertible to the opposite sex.

Spirited one - Yes, that does sound interesting!

Red - I'm sure you do have fun!

Ronnie - That's a logical choice for your working relationship.


Lil Sam said...

we have not role played yet, husband is just getting into the spanking thing, (much to my delight) He sure has been a fast learner. but if I were to pick it would be either the police officer/offender or the pirate/serving wench.
Hugs Lil Sam

Bonnie said...


I was looking for naughty cheerleader, but didn't find it.

Thanks for a fun poll.


Hermione said...

Lil Sam - Pirate and serving wench would be a perfect fit for your seafaring hubby.

Bonnie - Oops! Not being sports-minded, I never thought of handsome quarterback/naughty cheerleader. I'll bet that would have had your vote!


sixofthebest said...

In role play Hermoine, I would say most of the ones you listed would be most enjoyably played by me.