Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday FAIL

Pervertables that shouldn't give up their day jobs in the vanilla world.

Heated Seat Cushion
No more waiting for the car to heat up-this comfy cushion provides immediate warmth! Features high, low, and off temperature controls, and plugs into 12V lighter socket. Polyester with elastic straps and hooks for secure installation; optional 5-amp adapter for home or office use.
This lovely item will provide hours of post-spanking discomfort in your home or office as well as in the car. How thoughtful.

The Side Sleeper's Posture Pillow
Unlike common rectangular pillows, this one's patented shape places your head and spine in perfect alignment as you lie on your side, positioning you for a full night of restful sleep. Shaped like a candy cane, the pillow has a long section that supports your upper and lower back, while its shorter section tilts your head back. An "ear well" in the pillow's surface takes pressure off your ear.
I thought this was such a funny cane. Very comfortable, I'm sure, but totally useless as a spanking implement.

From Hermione's Heart


daisy said...

Actually, I think it would make a lovely cane for spanking. Yup, looks great to me. For some reason, I don't think he'll go for it though. lol

PK said...

I love the heated seat idea! I had a friend write a FF about a heated seat that one that really got me thinking!

Now I saw that candy cane pillow as a nice way to curl up on your side when you DON'T want to be sleeping on your back!!


Fabsterrant said...

Yup I see some potential for the spanker in the J pillow. If turned sideways and used under the hip of the spankee the earwell could be a cup holder for the spanker.


Hermione said...

Daisy - It would be very kind to your behind.

PK - I do too, except right after a bottom-warming, when it would be too much of a good thing.

Fab - A cup holder - so you can sip during a spanking. How creative!


Unknown said...

I can't imagine that still having a warm bottom would classify as DISCOMFORT. I would suggest it would just give warm and loving feelings!

Hermione said...

Red - You could be right. I could've used one of these yesterday.