Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I was very touched when I read all the good advice from my readers after my last post. I have been told before that I sometimes make things more complicated than they need to be, especially where men are concerned. Goodness knows I don't want to confuse my poor husband any more than necessary! And he was being a real gentleman about it. You all thought that I should have taken the spanking that was offered.

Here's a little more about what was going on that day. Besides decking the halls and so forth for the festive season, we were keeping an eye on things for various neighbours who had gone away for the long American Thanksgiving weekend. We would probably have been interrupted again by people coming to retrieve their keys.

Dinner was going to be much earlier than usual because I had an evening commitment, and I was a bit preoccupied with that. So any bedroom activities would have seemed rushed, and we'd be looking over our shoulders (figuratively) and checking our watches. Finally, dealing with a moderately grumpy man all day hadn't exactly put me in a romantic frame of mind. Maybe I wasn't all that desperate for a spanking.

So I declined the offer, with the proviso that I could ask for one during the coming week if I felt the need. Ron quickly agreed, and magically, we both started to feel better. We had one less activity to cram into a busy day.

The next day passed quickly; that evening we went out to dinner and enjoyed both the meal and each other's company. I decided that I might take Ron up on his offer soon and see what happened. The following morning, just before I left for work, I smiled sweetly and asked if there was any chance of getting a spanking that evening. Without pausing even for an instant, Ron said "Sure" and hugged me.

I thought about it on and off all day. Nothing was said when I got home, but I knew Ron would take care of me when he judged the time was right. So when he said, "Upstairs", my heart soared.

It was all about me, and I was glad. He started with the belt, lightly at first, for a long, long time, then harder and louder and faster. After a pause, Ron switched to the dogging bat because he said he "wasn't getting the right effect" with the belt. (!)

After the spanking was over, we both enjoyed the erotic benefits of it, and I was pleased about that.

What will I do next time? I'm not sure, but I'll be better prepared, thanks to my readers.

From Hermione's Heart


Paul said...

Hermione, a very nice post, it made me smile for you both.
Warm hugs,

Fabsterrant said...

LOL, I followed all the hyperlinks to be sure no details were ommitted and find it amazing that all your cravings with all the interuptions could be itched.

Hugs, Fab

Florida Dom said...

Hermione: Oh, you handled it just right by taking the rain check.

Once you told us all the other things that were going on, that was the perfect solution and it worked out so well.

I hope this will help the two of you enjoy good times in the future.


Michael said...

Wonderful, Hermione, like Florida Dom said, once you explained all the circumstances you handled it the right way. And so did Ron. Happy endings all around. :)

A.S.S. said...

We missed yesterday's post... certainly an interesting topic though. There are lots of spankos that enjoy just the spanking part, but no doubt there are more that like it as a part of foreplay. We kind of fall into the first category because we very much enjoy just the spanking part and do just that often (though we certainly enjoy spanking as erotic foreplay too). One thing we do though is sort of trade off massages.

We both love getting a long massage... about an hour in length... and they often include some sexual fun at the end (think it's call a "happy ending" - lol). Thing is though, once you get one you're pretty relaxed and not much in the mood for giving one. So, we trade those back and forth. Don't exactly keep track... but we do have times that are focused on just one of us. It's fun to give that focus too... and a different feeling when your own pleasure isn't part of your thought process.

Have shared that concept with spanko/vanilla couples. She gets an evening that is all about spanking and the things she likes with it. Can do a fun role-play, a discipline one, erotic... a mix. Whatever... it's a spanko date. Then on another evening... it's her turn to give, and since he isn't a hardwired spanko... that means it's something non-spanking that he enjoys. Could be a massage and... and, well... lol... we're talking about a guy here, so there are options.

Have been told it works very nicely,
~Todd and Suzy

Anonymous said...

Excellent resolution......Mischief some would say


Hermione said...

Paul - Thank you. That was so nice to hear.

Fab - That was quite a busy afternoon.

FD - Thanks. And yes, I will be better prepared next time.

Michael - I was very pleased with how accommodating Ron was. My ending was very happy, although sore!

Todd and Suzy - I really like that idea, and might give it a try sometime. I remember "happy ending" although can't think what the program was called.

R - Very well managed, I think.


ronnie said...

A very happy ending and lovely for both of you Hermione.


Anonymous said...

Good job communicating and negotiating. Glad things worked out well for you both.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - Thanks. Yes, it was lovely.

Mick - I'm glad too.


Unknown said...

Realistically, pun intended, you blew it.a short 60 second spanking can be every bit effective, and you still could have had the spanking two days later.
IF the bell rang during those 60 seconds, your husband could have just stated: stay put, I will be back in a minute, answered the door, given the keys, and being male,stated I am busy at the moment so will talk with you tomorrow, and gone back to reddening your bottom.
Both of you would have been even less grumpy than you bedame with your method.
Two big thumbs down!

Hermione said...

Redxxx- There's something about interruptions that kind of derails the procedings.