Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Butt Obsession

A columnist for a Canadian newspaper told of how, when she was out jogging, a male passerby stopped her and said, "Nice butt". She was astounded, and went on to describe her bottom as "a workaday tush - unaugmented, unremarkable and...unthought-of."

She explained that that bottoms have become the new tops. Women are becoming less obsessed with their endowments above the waist and more so with those below. "Like its perky upstairs neighbours, the new backside is highly circumscribed and protocol-bound. It must be small (but not too small), hard (but not too hard), eerily spherical (imagine two halved melons side by each) and virtually impossible to achieve through biological accident."

It's nice to know that bums have become mainstream. They aren't just a secret obsession with those of us who do you know what to them. But the description seems a little off, don't you think? I mean, not everyone enjoys a small rear end. Bigger is better to many people, from the perspective of both the owner and the viewer. As the reporter observed, "one woman's ideal butt is another's...disaster."

Upon asking a male friend if he liked a large behind, the columnist was told, "Men like small bums, and anyone who tells you differently is lying." Obviously he's not a spanko.

Read the whole article here.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I've had a couple of spankos comment on how they like the 'wobble & jiggle' of a slightly more endeared ass.

Personally, I'd like my ass to look less like Stewie's head and more like a peach.

Anonymous said...

It has always been my favorite part of the female anatomy.

Don't pay any attention to the guy in the article who said that men only like small butts. We're as varied on that as we have been about breasts.

And please consider carefully the issue of plastic surgery. I've known too may women who had serious health issues and nearly died because of errors in these surgical procedures. Best just to work on physical fitness.

Finally, it's one of my wife's finest assets. But be careful how you closely you look, fellows. I like some of you out there and I'd hate for you to come to an early demise.

Fabsterrant said...

I was in Rome on a student visa with my girl friend at the time. She preceded me on leaving a shop as a young local male made a loud exclamation as he put both hands to the sides of his head. I felt complimented that he was admiring her attractive shape with his version of sucking air through his teeth. She was a former stewardess and a pretty blonde. I hurried to catch up with her before I had half the city after her but it made me proud to be with her. She was full bodied of Polish ancestry and always worried about her appearance and she was in balance top and bottom for her efforts. It did make me happy for her. No doubt she might have laid him out if he was more direct in his contact just like the reporter. Struggling to be healty and then maintaing self protection either jogging or walking is a scary predicament less amusing.

Hugs, Fab

Anonymous said...

I have always been butt obsessed, since birth, I think. I like all types and sizes and shapes and textures of the female derriere. I favor large ones. The guy who said other wise, should get his head out of his own. I know many men who love the larger bums. They are spankos for the most part, so the statistic may be skewed. I wish our culture would get away from the "skinny" ideal. It's not healthy and I don't think it's very attractive.
Thank you for the place to say this.

Widgets said...

Dear Hermione:
I have a big top and according to my husband: "a wide flat butt." He likes a beautiful rounded derrier which I do not have. To compensate he has put my hips on a pillow when making love and to say the least the feeling of him when doing this puts me in orbit for a long time. I now envy women with nice rounded rears either the same size as their top or bigger.

While on the subject: there is nothing as cute as a nice rounded not too compact butt on a male. When mounted I get a fantastic ride and when spanked it has the greatest wiggle and blushes so beautifully.

I feel that the butt is the most important part of all human anatomy.

Daisychain said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Hermione, I don't know what you did or how you knew what to do, but yes, you fixed it!
You clever girl, I would never have been able to do that!
Great post!
Davey loves my bum...don't give a fig if no-one else does!
Hugs, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Florida Dom said...

I agree that guys who like small butts aren't spankos. I think most spankos prefer butts that are all but begging to be spanked because of their size and look great when they're glowing and red. Good post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione,
Problem fixed !

Kaiser said...

With smaller backsides, you just need to refine your aim. :p

Personally, I'm all about proportion. Smaller women with larger asses just appear odd to my eyes. Same with larger women without the asses to match.

Hermione said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed the article; it was an exciting find for a Saturday afternoon.

Daisy and Ally - I apologize for the problems you've had with my blog, and I'm so relieved that I found the problem and was able to fix it.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Speaking as one male, who has always been a bottom man, my preferences are in between small and huge. What's between her ears is more important in the long run.

Lil Sam said...

Mine in neither small or large, just somewhere in the middle. I never gave my bum a 2nd though,that is until I met my sailor man. He likes mine, and since we have been married he shows me how much he likes it.that is all that matters to me
Hugs Lil Sam

ronnie said...

Hermione, good find.

I think if most men were honest they would say they are with a tits or a bum man. P has always been a bum man and likes mine just the way it is :)


Unknown said...

All sizes makes the world go round. There is no ideal, but if you like Hermione, I will gladly enjoy looking to find what you have described! Just like with men, a woman who looks after her health and weight, realistically, is always attractive.