Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday WIN

The Authentic James T. Kirk Captain's Chair
This is the meticulously detailed, full-scale replica of James Tiberius Kirk's captain's chair from the original Star Trek television series.

A press of the former yellow alert button (located at the front of the right armrest) produces one of nine original sound samples from the series, including the entirety of the famous prologue: "Space... the final frontier..." spoken by William Shatner. Other samples include "Kirk to Engineering... Mr. Scott, report!" "Position report Spock?" and more.

Seven sound effects are produced by activating the former red alert button, including the classic intercom hail, phaser and photon torpedo sounds--even the ambient background bridge noises. The chair includes various toggle switches, knobs, and buttons from the series that invoked the jettison of pods and activated the main viewscreen. All sounds are produced from a single speaker built into the left armrest.

The chair's platform is made of wood surrounding a steel frame. The back and seat are made from leather, braced on either side by two oak arm rests; the chair swivels 360°.

Now wouldn't that make spanking even more fun for all you spanko Trekkies? Yes, you really can buy this here.


Fabsterrant said...

Hermione its a bargain at $2900 each. Trekies shound have two or three to recreate the control module cockpit simulator. "Alert Alert Watch Your Six!!!"


Ashley J said...

To go along with this, you really need the image I stumbled upon with Captain Kirk spanking Uhura.


Hermione said...

Fab - Great idea, for wealthy spankos.

Ashley - I haven't seen that one.


Lil Sam said...

I can see where that chair would have great possibilities.
Lil Sam

Daisychain said...

(sigh) Davey would LOVE it, but as one who has nothing but contempt for the wooden "acting" skills of William Shatner, (how can it even come under the heading of acting? He just read a script-badly-and threw himself about a bit....) ANY chair would do....
LOL, I bet everyone thinks I deserve a spanking now.....

(sorry guys, but BABIES are better actors than him - check out youtube, look up boys are the best actors around the world... think its here - )

Hugs and kisses to all, xxxxxxxxx

Hermione said...

Lil Sam - I just love those arms!

Daisy - I don't remember him too well in the TV Star Trek series. In his role on Boston Legal, Shatner is quite a spanko!


ronnie said...

I know somebody who would love this, great possibilities.

Thanks Hermione.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - Wonderful possibilities, but the price!!!