Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fail

Some women will do anything for a bubble butt, but this gal ended up with a rock-hard derriere.
From Hermione's Heart


Dee said...

For real??? Think I'll just stick with what I've got thanks!

Dee x

spankedbywife said...

Oh, how we men love our Ladie's Derrieres. But please leave them the way MotherNature gave them to you. After all, thats the pleasure of you wearing girdles and such. And the pleasure of us guys watching you wear them.

ronnie said...

Can't believe that. I hope she sued him.


Erica said...

I heard about this on the news. Horrifying!

OK, spankers -- never complain again about how your hands hurt. Try spanking THAT. :-)

Mikki said...

That would so suck!!! I agree... nature is much sexier!!!

JJ said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That SUCKS! I would be mortified! Luckily I already have a huge cement needed here!

Hermione said...

Dee - Yes, it really happened.

Spankedbywife - Mother Nature knows best.

Ronnie - Since it happened in the US, I'm sure she did.

Erica - LOL! Even cellulite couldn't hurt a hand more than cement.

Mikki - Much sexier. Cement doesn't jiggle when you walk.

JJ - I'm sure it's your best asset!


Sara said...

Um yeah...I saw this article. Maybe we should stick with a few leg lifts and see if that firms the rear up? Sara

Anonymous said...


Hermione said...

Sara - But this is so easy! No dieting or exercise, just pay the man and take your chances:)

Red - I couldn't agree more.