Thursday, December 22, 2011

We're not in Kansas anymore

Ron and I were walking through a local mall recently, and we decided to check out the larger of two dollar stores.  I led the way and headed right.  As we turned down the first aisle Ron exclaimed, "We're in the paddle section."

I looked up and saw an assortment of wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks and other pervertables. We were indeed in the paddle section.

"This used to be where the party supplies were," I protested.  "They must have reorganized the store.  Isn't it funny how I was attracted to this particular aisle?"

"Very funny."

I passed two bins holding long, slender sticks in various bright colors. "Look, canes!"

My husband looked, then looked again. Above the canes were an assortment of brush heads. "Those are broom handles."

We kept browsing, and I found the spanko bracelets that I've told you about. Ron laughed when I explained that I wanted them for my blog. There was a time when he would never have mentioned paddles, canes, or anything remotely related to spanking, in a store, at home, or anywhere. Now his spanko senses have been honed nearly as fine as mine.

From Hermione's Heart


Aimless Rambling said...

Ain't love grand.

Mikki said...

Yeah, my S is still very.. hhmmm... shy? about implements...hopefully... or not... he will become more comfortable with time!! LOL

Happy shopping!! ((hugs))

PK said...

I'm so proud of Ron!! Nick has his moments but he's still not very likely to mention anything unless we are completely alone. I'm still working on it. Sounds to me like that is still the 'party' aisle it that store!


Daddy said...

Sounds like you have been down that isle many times , and a few purchases id bet as well.

Btw Thanks for stopping by my lil ones blog thebratsplayplace she is very excited about having members . Have a great day

ronnie said...

I love it when were together and spot anything to do spanking. Ron has certainly come a long way.


Jackie said...

I wish that I could be lucky enough to run into that row.

sarah thorne said...

Now he just needs to evolve into trying a few out in the store.

Couple swats don't draw any attention! ;)


Anonymous said...

Only problem with dollar store implements is that they break too easily, and the danger of splinters...ewwww.
However, being more open is wonderful...

little monkey said...

Wow, your dollar store is head and shoulders above ours on the merchandising scale.

Hermione said...

Sunnygirl - It is indeed.

Mikki - It really does take time. If you're comfortable talking about them, he will be too.

PK - LOL but a different kind of party.

Daddy - Yes, more than a few. Welcome to blogging; I was happy to drop by and read a few of your posts.

Ronnie - He really has, and it's partly because i am more open and comfortable talking about TTWD with him.

Jackie - It will come, in time.

Sarah - He might. Actually, I saw a man give his wife a swat in that very store about a year ago. I noticed, but no one else did.

Red - It depends, I guess. Some implements have stood the test of time.

Littlemonkey - That wasn't a picture of the actual store; just a reasonable facsimile. The dollar store I mentioned is really a good place to shop. Others are not so good.


Spanky said...

I love pervertables!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful trip to the dollar store, Hermione, and I love that Ron is now spank-atuned with his pervertable 6th sense running on high. Season and I need to visit the dollar...and soon.

Lea said...

Very funny. He probably could've swatted you and most people wouldn't even pay attention. Or maybe that's only if you live in NYC...

little said...

what fun!

Hermione said...

Spanky - Long time no see! Welcome back.

Michael - Ron has even guessed that he's getting spanking toys for Christmas.

Lea - Yes, maybe he could have, but he isn't brave enough to risk drawing attention to himself. I'm sure that in NYC, anything goes.

LittleOne - It was.


cranky spanker said...


Its definitely time to shop for inspiration, maybe after Christmas.