Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday WIN

Pizza has been declared a vegetable by the US Congress. "The United States Congress voted to rebuke new USDA guidelines for school lunches that would have increased the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in school cafeterias and instead declared that the tomato paste on frozen pizza qualified it as a vegetable." (Read the full story here.)

Why is this a WIN and not a FAIL? Simply because pizza is my favourite food. Any kind of topping, any style of crust, any time, anywhere! I enjoy pizza almost as much as I like spankings. I'm making plans for next year's garden.

I'm also pretty fond of pizza peels.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

What a great post! The pictures of the pizza garden made me laugh which is a pretty hard thing for me to do early in the morning. I hope my wife does not see the picture of the pizza peel before I go to work. She has a tendency to be influenced by such pictures and videos which usually leads to me going across her lap for a "just for fun spanking". Thanks for another wonderful post.

Aimless Rambling said...

Wonderful post. Congress has given us another reason to recognize just how ridiculous they can be. They constantly show their colors as if we had any doubt.

Anonymous said...

Great post, but another terrible decision by Congress...

Blondie said...

I love your pizza garden. Amd we all think that declaring pizza sauce a vegetable is a win! Probably the smartes thing the congress has ever done this year. Well at least the kids think so.

Anonymous said...

I actually have a pizza pizza, too. It didn't occur to me about using a pizza peel for a spanking. Lol!


Dragon's Rose said...

The federal government is trying to control the states too much. I actually agree with this one. Let the kids have pizza for lunch. You can put veggies on their tray but it does no good if they won't eat it. The way to control childhood obesity is to educate the parents! It does no good to feed the kids healthy foods at school for them to just go home and junk out.

ronnie said...

Nice pizza garden but not too sure of the pizza peel.

Good post Hermione.


sarah thorne said...

I understand that the sauce can be considered a vegetable serving, but it doesn't make pizza a vegetable!! What irritates me so much is that you have some people in the government calling it child abuse, and threatening to take away (or having taken away) someone's child for being obese and unhealthy. YET, the government also allows and endorses junk food in the schools. In my kids' schools, there are chips, ice cream, and a variety of other 'junk'. Yes, I know they allow vendors in to help supplement education money (another sore point but I won't get started :-)) but make a decision. If it's abuse to allow your child to imbibe in this crap in excess, then as the ones in control of the school system, why do you allow it in the schools for elementary age kids with no impulse control can buy it at will??


Great post, tho! lol


Hermione said...

VBB - I'm so glad you had a morning chuckle. I hope you aren't usually a grouch in the morning :)

Sunnygirl - Silly, isn't it?

Red - I agree on both counts.

Blondie - Well, tomatoes are actually a fruit, so there's another mistake they made.

Kitty - Really? Oh, you must try it. You'll like it!

Dragon's Rose - You're right. Parents need to be educated too.

Ronnie - It packs a mighty big wallop.

Sarah - Where I live, the vending machines have been removed from schools, and cafeterias serve healthy food. The result? Fewer kids eat in the caf. They go to local fast food places for lunch.


Anonymous said...

Your pizza garden is so amazing, I have a black thumb but I have got to get one. Pizza is by far the BEST food in the world!
Great post, smiles!

Erica said...

Of course pizza is a vegetable! And chocolate cake is breakfast, because it has eggs and milk in it. :-)

Mistress160 and solipsist said...

@Hermione, any chance you could send me some pizza seeds after you "harvest" your next pizza crop?

Jackie said...

Those pictures should be real. I would be overjoyed if they were real because pzza is my favorit food too.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Post, but as usual it is the American public that loses once again at the hands of congress. Now there is a group that needs a spanking!!


Lea said...

Ooh, I'm with Erica. :-)

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, Dean Martin, used to sing a song called "Amore'. That had a line it, that said, "When my eye, hit's the sky, like a BIG PIZZA PIE. Thats, AMORE" (love).I see where you're coming from. I love them them too. Seasons Greetings, to you and your hubby.

Hermione said...

Butterfly - Pizza rocks! You've got to try this next spring.

Erica - That makes perfect sense to me.

Mistress160 - I will definitely do that:)

Jackie - Too bad it doesn't really grow on trees (or zucchini plants).

Anon - I'd have to agree with you there.

Six - I remember that song well, from the days when pizza was not yet a common meal where I lived.


Kaki said...

Silly congress, they could add Hershey Kisses as a side and then they could have two vegetables since it is considered a veggie.

I really want a pizza garden.

Hermione said...

Kaki - That sounds like a perfect combination.

I must check our seed catalogues; there must be something about pizza somewhere.