Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday FAIL

Male readers, you may want to look away.

I suspect this portion of a magazine page is fake. In fact, I really, really hope so.

For those of my readers who are punctuation police, notice the apostrophe after the exclamation mark in the purple circle at the bottom. And shouldn't that be CHIZZY SAYS? Oh, this is a FAIL on so many levels.

From Hermione's Heart


Dee said...

Punctuation police :) haha! And yeah, this IS so so wrong!

Dee x

Spanky said...

Can't imagine the surprise of unwrapping THAT present!

Aimless Rambling said...

OMG. Some people are sooooooooooo creative. I agree it fails on all counts.

Sara said...

Huh? That's just sad! I happen to have enough hip wrapping to not need any extra help anyway. Sara

ronnie said...

I really do hope it's fake as well Hermione. The things people do.

Have a good weekend and a lovely New Years's Eve.


Anonymous said...

frightening... the thought boogles the mind..

sarah thorne said...

I guess it's not too much different than stuffing toilet paper in a bra! LOL


Christina said...


Can you imagine coming home with the hubby to have a romantic evening and he's slowing taking off the clothes and sees THAT!!

Erica said...

Oh, it HAS to be fake. No one is really named Poupoutsi.

Hermione said...

Dee - I'm a Captain.

Spanky - Yeah, and getting the adhesive off.

Sunnygirl - I wonder who dreamed this up.

Sara - Most of us do, it seems, but there are some poor unfortunate souls out there.

Ronnie - Happy New Year to you too.

Red - Doesn't it though.

Sarah - Similar, but with more of an ick factor.

Christina - I'll bet he'd pull her pants back up double quick.

Erica - Yes, that has to be made up too.


Blondie said...

This is absolutely the worst idea. Funny that I just caught my very skinny fourteen year old stuffing her bra. She would probably appreciate the padding. Not going to tell her. LOL

Hermione said...

Blondie - What a coincidence.


Lea said...

Um, wow. I find it hard to believe that some people want bigger hips. I can give them some of mine. Lol.

spankedbywife said...

I read this and couldn't help but laugh. Cora asked, "what's so funny". I warned her but she had to look anyway!

Hermione said...

Lea - Many of us share your generous spirit.

Ken - I'm glad you liked it, and i hope Cora did too.