Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are You Still Naughty?

Here are more coupons from my collection. The last ones worked well, so these might be useful too.

What a sweet guy Santa is!
From Hermione's Heart


Mikki said...

Very cute!!! I love all the unique things you find!! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Love them. Thanks Hermione.

sarah thorne said...

I know some people who need a whole stocking full of these suckers!!


ronnie said...

These really are very nice. I like the first one.


Anonymous said...

Ya know, I could really use a coupon book full of the Naughty Pass ones! lol

MarQe said...

Always Hermione, always
Happy Christmas ...

MarQe X

Daisychain said...

These might work with Santa, but I have a sneaky feeling they won't wash with Davey! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Erica said...

Santa may be nice, but as I found out last night, he dispatches elves to do the dirty work! LOL

Jackie said...

Nice hermione. Maybe they can make them into cards.

Lea said...

Yes, those could be very helpful!

Hermione said...

Mikki - You never know what treasures a drugstore holds.

Joey - My pleasure.

Sarah - I can imagine!

Ronnie - I wonder why :)

Grace - Couldn't we all.

MarQe - Thanks, and the same to you.

Daisy - You could always print one and see what happens.

Erica - Who would have thought Elves could be so evil?

Jackie - That is a wonderful idea. Is anyone from Hallmark reading this?

Lea - You never know when you might need one.


Unknown said...

actually, wouldn't you rather be spanked than use these passes...

Hermione said...

Red - Sure. Maybe I'd better toss them out:)


Jackie said...

might be. I hope