Sunday, December 4, 2011

You Completed the Caption

This is the caption that appeared on HistoricLOLS. Now here are yours.

Michael: Sir Rodney Palm, founder and first Headmaster of Hard Palm's School for Wayward Adult Girls. His motto was "This Rod NEVER spares the rod for naughty adult girls."

This portrait hangs in Burning Bottom Hall where all charges eat their meals on hard wooden chairs.

Simon: Unfortunately the first panel of the proposed comic strip "The Master and his maid" took so long that the others were never completed.

Spankedhortic II: OK I've got the cane dear. What did you want it for?

Six of the best: An English gentleman, who has just been knighted by Queen Victoria, and made her official flogger. His duties are to corporal punish those woman in the realm who displease her majesty. The tabloids have a 'nickname', for him. Sir Six Licks.

Richardmt: Aha! Caught you!

Bonnie: "I'll teach you not to use my hat for a bucket!"

Chross: Don't you dare draw me with a silly beard again, girl!

Ronnie: Sir Raymond Bletchely, Master of Fillies with a fine reputation for choosing only the ones with the finest pear shaped rumps.

His portrait now hangs in the great hall of the family home - Cropping Hall.

Vfrat25000: Dr. Watson….I am giving up solving crimes, I believe I like spanking women much better!

You want me to do WHAT with this stick?

Let’s get this fantasy over with…Everything I am wearing is made of wool and it itches something terrible…!

All right my dear, I am going to ask you one more time before I use this on your bottom…Where did you hide all my disposable razors?

Now I am prepared for Black Friday shopping…The first lady that crowds in front of me and grabs a Nintendo 2000 is NOT going to sit down for a while.

Let me introduce myself…I am Mr. Franklin Andrew Pottsworth….I am the DISCIPLINE Party’s candidate for President of the United States….I propose a cane in every closet and a paddle in every drawer.

Hello Mary….I am going to be a little late…I missed my flight…It seems airport security and I disagree on whether I can bring your birthday present on the plane!

Thank you all for explaining this mysterious portrait. Next week you'll have a chance to caption a picture that is one of the best!

From Hermione's Heart


Christina said...

LOL - these captions are great!!

Hermione said...

Christina - They sure are! I have some talented readers.