Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shopping for a Spanker

Ken at Spanked by My Lady recently wrote about a shopping trip that included a visit to a tack shop. One of the items they bought was a black riding crop with a leather flapper in the shape of a hand. The punchline of his story was that the sales associate called it "a spanker."

We have one of those too, in purple. I have mentioned it in previous post, here and here.

How I feel about it depends on the way it's used. If Ron smacks the little hand against each cheek in turn, it's a stingy appetizer of what is to follow. When he applies the length of the crop across both globes, then it's a seriously ouchy implement. I love the variety that is possible, depending on the whims of the operator.

I bought mine online from Horse Tack Co.

From Hermione's Heart


Dee said...

haha :) I love this!!!!

Dee x

Anonymous said...

I guess that Tack shop really knows why people order from them. LOL.

You have such nice toys!


abby said...

Love it! Thanks, think I have just found Master's christmas gift.

spankedbywife said...

Our little excursion to the tack shop was so much fun. Buying one of these cool little devices in person was a big part of it, especially getting the reaction of the sales staff.

But just think; someone had to sit down and figure out the design. Wonder wnat they might have been thinking.

Ken and Cora

ronnie said...

Never heard them called "a spanker before" Think I would have cringed had I gone in and bought one and they said "oh you want a spanker.":)


Daisychain said...

Riding crops are so versatile.... ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the color of your "spanker", Hermione! Lol!!!


Hermione said...

Dee - I do too!

Joey - I suspect that's why they carry them.

Abby - Great! Let me know how he likes it.

Ken and Cora - I wish I could have seen the salesperson's expression. And I suspect a spanko designed this item.

Ronnie - I agree, I would have wanted to run.

Daisy - Very!

Kitty - Thanks. With so many colours to choose from, I wish I had one of each.


Anonymous said...

From Jacob, I hope the store gets lots of shoppers
P. S. I tend to answer blogs latter that everyone else.

Zelle said...

Being an equestrian.. oh my.. you can imagine how many fine fine implements of this nature I own! LOL

Believe it or not.. most of mine came from "Tractor Supply".. and not a tack store. (TOO MANY people KNOW me in the tack stores!) Why would THIS be an issue you say? Well, I ride dressage... we use "dressage whips".. NOT CROPS.. like the jumper riders use! LOL - So yeah, that would bring up too damn many questions for me to have to explain my way out of. LOL

Love my crops.. they DO make me JUMP! (and now that I think about it, the do have me moving side to side like a dressage horse too!) LOL

Hermione said...

Jacob - Welcome! I'm sure the place will have a run on these bats.

Zelle - Quite understandable that you would have to shop incognito. The last time I visited our local place, similar to Tractor Supply, I couldn't find a single crop, bat or whip. Could the local kinksters have bought them all?

I have a mental image of you, doing a piaffe:)


Zelle said...

Hermione, I advocate to my local kinksters here.. that they actually DO GO to Tractor Supply. I have found that the $9.95 crop at Tractor Supply is way less expensive than the same exact one for $14.95 at the local Equestrian Tack shops! So you're probably right.. the local kinksters are now window shopping and BUYING at Tractor Supply!