Sunday, December 25, 2011

You Completed the Christmas Caption

It was wonderful to have so many responses to this weekend's post in spite of the busyness of the holiday season. 

Simon: Mrs Santa's suggestion that "just once he might like to stay in on Christmas Eve" had resulted in her appearing top of the naughty list immediately.

Hermione soon discovered what happened to those who didn't leave out a drink and mince pie for Santa.

Duality: I saw Mommy spanked by Santa Claus, underneath the mistletoe last night...

Six of the best: "HO HO HO" says Santa Claus. "OUCH OUCH OUCH" says the naughty lady, as she feels Santa's strong hand spanking her bare bottom.

Spanky: "Who needs cookies and milk?"

Sunnygirl: Being naughty does have its rewards.

Jean Marie: "I don't mind the strict spanking, Santa, because I know I've been a very naughty girl, but do your elves have to watch? Don't they have anything else to do? What do you mean they're going to get a turn once you're through with me!?"

Bonnie: "Please tell me that you're you the real Santa and not just some guy who dresses in the suit so he can spank naughty girls..."

Ronnie: Even good girls get a spanking on Christmas Eve.

Red: After Santa checked his list of presents, he was happy to provide the hand spanking requested as a present that this lady asked for.

Richard: It was the foggiest Christmas night on record and Rudolph had gone missing, so Santa decided an elf would have to guide the sleigh. As she did not have a red nose, it was time to improvise...


Ms. Betty: But Santa! Mrs. Claus said I HAD to bake you sugar free cookies!

Kingspan: Santa distinctly told his little helper to wear her Christmas suit. He didn't buy the excuse that confusing it with "birthday suit" was an innocent mistake that anyone could make.

Dark Knight Fair Lady: Growing tired of Rudolph's glowing red nose, Santa began research on an alternative red beacon to guide his Christmas flight.

Ricky: Oh, Santa, I've been very naughty . . .and very nice, too!

Jackie: that the camera over there?

Bree512: "I told you what would happen if you messed with my boots again, young lady. Cutting the bottom half of them off and using them to feed the fire is not funny at all!"
"Ummm...ok, but there was no wood left. Could you spank me just a little bit harder? The fire is dying down and it is getting cold in here."

Hermione: Don't you dare spank me with those sooty hands.

I hope you have a joyous time celebrating the holidays in your favourite way.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

From Hermione's Heart


Pink said...

I missed the caption contest (again), but wanted to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas.


A. Lurker said...

Merry Christmas, Hermione,
Sorry I'm a little late for the festivities but I'd still like to contribute if I may:

(To the tune of some popular Christmas songs):
1. On the first day of Christmas, Santa gave to me, A spanking over his knee

2.The stockings were hung by the chiminey with care while Santa was spanking her bottom so bare

3. You'd better not pout, you'd better not cry . . .

4. All I want for Christmas are my two red cheeks, two red cheeks

5. Rosie the red-cheeked elf girl, Had a red and shiny butt. And if you ever saw her, You could probably guess from what

Sorry Hermione, I will lay off the eggnog now! Hope you had a nice Christmas.

Kaelah said...

Merry Christmas to you, Hermione and Ron! I hope you are enjoying happy and peaceful holidays.