Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday WIN

He's got the first part right. If he suggests a spanking after he's finished, I say this guy's a keeper!
From Hermione's Heart


Serenity said...

So Hot!

OldFashionedGirl said...

Does he have a wooden spoon in that drainer?

Hermione said...

Serenity - The water or the guy? LOL

OFG - I think there might be one.


Zelle said...

OMG! Hermione! He's so cute! I imagine he'll want us wearing that apron for the spanking huh? (oh the imagination now runs amok!)

Interestingly enough.. the other day, I saw a GREAT "SILVER FOX" MALE MODEL.. that is MY AGE (for a nice change), that is just handsome as all get out! He reminds me of this guy in your cartoon a bit! I gathered the pics so I could do a blog on "Looking for Mr. Good Top"... LOL

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, I am sure he can 'dish', out a good spanking to any woman her meets. By the way is this your 'hubby'.

Sweetpea said...

Did you notice the hand beater in the bowl? Lol.


Aimless Rambling said...

He can do my dishes any time. I can think of a couple of other things he can do too. Think my husband would be jealous?

ronnie said...

A cute guy and yes I thinks he's a spanker, he has that look.



I think that this guy was replaced by a dish washer, at the end of the 50's


Anonymous said...

OMG Hermione. He is surly a spanker. His wife better look out!

Hermione said...

Zelle - Yes, the apron definitely stays on!

I'll be watching for your post.

Six - No, Ron would never wear an apron!

Sweetpea - Ouch!

Sunnygirl - If he doesn't leave spots on the glasses, your husband might well be worried.

Ronnie - LOL he does have that twinkle in his eye.

Prefectdt - There are those who still prefer the hands on approach to dishes, among other things.

Anon - I believe she's preparing herself as we speak.


Lea said...

Absolutely, a man who will do the dishes or even better, cook, is a keeper!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what got me to spanking Lynda. She'd leave the dishes until they were all dirty. I agreed to wash them all but I got to spank her after I was done. It worked out well for both of us.