Sunday, December 18, 2011

You Completed the Caption

This photo of Ida Lupino giving Santa a spanking was taken in 1942, but it's as timely as ever. Here's how you captioned the picture.

Kingspan: I don't care if you have been giving gifts since the third century, young man. You're not to old to have your bottom smacked. Every Christmas I tell you not to play in sooty chimneys in your good red suit, but do you listen? No.

The VBB: After all these years Santa finally made the naughty lis.

Six of the Best: "I am naughty, and you are nice. Please spank my bottom, and be precise."

Simon: Both Scarlett and Santa knew that for their spankings to be really effective they were going too have to lose some layers of clothing.

Jackie: Why did you give coal to the good kids and toys to the bad kids?

Kaki: I don't care if you are Santa Claus; can't you spend one Christmas Eve at home with the family?

Ronnie: It's not only naughty girls who get spanked at Christmas.

Blondie: All I want for Christmas is to spank the naughty elf...

Sweetpea: We finally get to see what Santa wants from Mrs. Claus for Christmas.

Richard: Naughty Santa chose a spanking rather than the sack.

Little monkey: "Frankly, Dear Santa, I don't give a damn. Bend over."

Red: The next sleigh definitely has to have a seat warmer. In the meantime, my dear, you are doing perfectly fine.

Vfrat25000: Thank you Santa. How did you know I wanted to be a TOP for Christmas?

After a few too many glasses of champagne, the Chairman of the Board and the Senior Attorney of the DoNothing Corporation found out at the company Christmas party they both had interests in spanking.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Spanking Santa all the way, Oh what fun it is to spank Santa night and day.

Oh Monica, you are the best.
You make a darn good looking Santa as well, Mr. President.

I want a Maserati…WHACK…I want a 3 carat diamond ring…WHACK…I want a Coach Purse…..WHACK….I want two weeks in Hawaii…WHACK…
OK OK Ease up I have to sit in that sleigh all night.

MarQe: All I said was, "can I come down your chimney?"

Welcome back, MarQe! I hope you're feeling better.

Daisychain: Santa says, "If you want your bottom heated for Christmas, you had better show me what's so good about it."  

Christina: You put ME on the naughty list? I'll show you who is on the naughty list!!  

Bobbie Jo: What do you mean I can't have a Lamborghini?! How dare you suggest a Smart Car!

Recidavist: Red noses are for Reindeers.

Hermione: How many times do I have to tell you not to let those reindeer play games in the house? The carpets are ruined.

Thank you to all who joined in the pre-Christmas fun. Santa will be back again next week, but this time he won't be on the receiving end.

From Hermione's Heart


MarQe said...

Getting there Hermione, thank you 1

MQ xx

Hermione said...

MQ - I'm so glad!