Sunday, December 11, 2011

You Completed the Caption

This is the caption as seen on, and now here are yours.

Davetouchintoes: Suddenly all my prayers were answered girls started falling out of the sky!

Six of the best: Tis the season to be Jolly.

Jackie: "Oh My Gosh!!! Falling girls, butt first!!!"

Richard: Womanna from heaven?

Tim the Tum: After the group spanking their bottoms were so hot that literally pushed them up into the air!

Bonnie: "If your paddle swats knock a girl twenty feet in the air, you're hitting too hard."

Ronnie: Women falling out of the sky - the men couldn't believe their luck.

The new custom of choosing a wife was quickly catching on.

A. Lurker: (Cue music)

1. (to the tune of "Catch a Falling Star") Catch a falling girl and put her over your lap.

2. (to the tune of "Pants on the Ground") Bums in the air: Bums in the air: Can't get a smack; When your bum's in the air!

Prefectdt: Everybody sing - "It's raining women, hallelujah. it's raining women."

Vfrat25000: The boys at the University of Arkansas tested the hypothesis: “If you love her let her free. If she loves you she will return.”

The Goodyear people decided that the BLIMP flying over the stadium was getting boring so they added a new twist this year “The halftime cheerleader drop - if you can catch her you can keep her.”

It was quite a site at the Homecoming Game this afternoon when an overinflated mascot exploded launching a bevy of cheerleaders into the wild blue yonder. Fortunately the football players managed to catch them on their return trip to Earth which happen to be the only thing the players caught all day, losing the game 26-0.

Tryouts for the next SuperWoman movie proved to be a bit more challenging than first thought. “We could get them in the air but none of them seemed able to stay up very long.”

The Viagra commercial that didn’t make it to the Super Bowl: “Boys if you want to rise up like these cheerleaders, talk to your doctor about VIAGRA.”

Bambi, the head cheerleader’s idea to enter the stadium on hang gliders proved riskier than planned when a sudden thunderstorm passed near the stadium.

Dave Wolfe: "You're right, Ted, this beats Cats and Dogs all ta hell!!"

Kingspan: The announcement that flashing your panties would henceforth be considered a spanking offense inspired a few women to break the rule in a spectacular way.

This puts watching football in a whole new light! Thanks for joining the game this weekend, and please come back for a rematch next week.
From Hermione's Heart


Tim the Tum said...

Ha, really liked Dave Wolfe's caption. Couldn't agree more!


Anonymous said...

I have annother one for everyone........

First Man: "What is that?"

Second Man: "Its getting closer!"

First Man: "Run, its a falling butt!"