Wednesday, July 23, 2014

From the Top Shelf - Chairs

This informative article, written by D.H. for Februs magazine 18 years ago, is intended for tops or spankers. But those of you on the receiving end of a spanking may also find it interesting. I, for one, always enjoy getting some insight into the way a top's mind works.

Chairs are for sitting on, I know, but there is no doubt that if you are sitting on an armless chair, then there should be, spread across your knees, some bare-bottomed supplicant who has well deserved the spanking you are about to deliver. She may not think she has deserved it, but, nevertheless that is why she will be there and why you are sitting on a wooden chair in the middle of the room so that there is ample room for kicking legs and flailing arms.
Even in so simple a matter as a childish spanking over the knees, though, there are finer points to consider. Should she be stripped completely before you pull her over your lap? Should she simply have to pull her knickers down and, if so, should she do this herself or would you prefer to attend to this task? Should she be made to lie across your knee of her own accord? Should she have to stand between your legs before being laid over one thigh - which enables you to hold her legs down with the other one - or should she be laid across both thighs so that her legs splay nicely apart as the spanking proceeds? In this case, you can hook the side of your foot over her outer ankle so as to give firmer support as matters proceed. Should you cross your knees before bending her over them? If so, then her legs should be parted... her buttocks opened wide into the bargain...

I have, myself, a preference for punishment given in this particular way, naked bottom under my hand, my other hand worked round and under her waist to keep her tightly to me. It is sometimes fun, though, to have her sitting on your lap, with her back to you, her legs astride yours so she is open to every movement of your hands however deeply the fingers thrust - and then to force her forward so that her bottom lies widely open to a hand that reddens each cheek with short, hard strokes while the other works gently under her once more, holding her firmly in position...

There are other sorts of chair that can be used, to place a girl in more elegantly shaming postures, even if she is not so closely confined, and some of those possibilities are worth more consideration.

The armchair is often to hand, and the temptation is simply to force her over its back, sweeping the skirt up over her back, taking the knickers down and off to leave her bottom curved tightly to receive hand, hairbrush or even a swift cane. She will be able to hide her face in the depths of the chair as you bring tears to her eyes, and receive you gratefully as you work into her from behind when the punishment has finished and her tears are turning to gasps of excitement.

There is, however, a more entertaining posture she can be led into, less comfortable in itself... Her jeans or skirt have to be taken off to start with, and then her knickers similarly removed. Some preliminary caresses are allowable at this stage, but with the warning that tears will follow however much you love her, that her bottom will be etched with the marks of your cane, marks that you will kiss when they have reddened into weals, marks that she will be able to relish for evenings to come as she prepares for bed.

The chair should have padded arms and come well forward, for it is on these that she is to kneel, with her knees halfway along them so that she can bend forward and down, tucking the back of her head against the back of the chair, down and down until the top of her head is against the seat, and her arms free to clasp around its back.

Six or twelve strokes of the cane will be enough to have her begging for an alternative tactile contact, and, her bottom being so tightly offered, you will have no doubt as to how it would be exciting to take her.

If the armchair has a sloping back, then a cushion may be placed into its angle, and your partner slid forward, to its front so that her skirt (if you have not made her take it off) is high around her waist. Lifting her legs you can remove her knickers (if, of course, she is still wearing any) and bring her knees back against her stomach, so that she can hold her legs down. Here is the softest part of her drawn tight for your hand or strap or, if the punishment needs to be severe, your cane.

While talking of armchairs, we may detour the room a little to put the sofa into use. The most obvious method is to have her kneeling at one end, bottom over the arm, hands on the floor, raising her cheeks nicely to the strap, head lower than the knees.

Kitchen chairs make another style of chevalet. One I saw the other day in one of those shops that are never undersold, had a seat high off the ground, with an open steel back and an open foot rest at the front. Here it will be necessary to strip the penitent completely before having her stand facing the chair, then making her bend down so as to slip head and shoulders through the open back; tummy resting on the seat; her feet tucked inside the foot rest. Uneasily balanced, her buttocks will be tidily offered to cane or strap, and the lower lips readily available for consoling caresses when the pain becomes excessive.

The bar stool serves more easily, for wrists and ankles go to each corner, and the bottom is presented to perfection, tightly stretched for the cane and wide open to kisses and caresses while the punishment is in progress...

So punishing your lady in a variety of positions does not need an outlay of expense. Most of the equipment is already there, in your own home. Use it wisely!
From now on I will look upon our kitchen chairs with new respect.

From Hermione's Heart


Autumn said...

Every one of these "chair spankings" sounds exciting. I'm off to buy some bar stools; although, curiously, we don't have a bar...

Aimless Rambling said...

I don't think I will ever look at a chair in the same way again.

Dragon's Rose said...

The chair in our play space gives me a hint of what is about to happen. If Dragon sits, I am going to have some fun. If he puts my hands in the seat, my bottom is going to hurt and it won't be fun at all. When we shop for chairs, we look at the spanking possibilities. Yes, we obsess just a little. :-)

Pecan nutjob said...

I say that with a little tiny voice, but, even though the "straight-backed chair" is a staple of spanking stories... we almost always spank on a bed or sofa: for the hand or most implements, over the knees (and then the spankee's chest simply lies on the bed or sofa), and for the martinet, kneeling with the butt in the air.

The chair is a bit clumsy: difficult to hold an adult across the knee. Don't you think so?

Blondie said...

I think that I have been spanked on every single pictured chair. The barstool is one of Ty's favorites for the description mentioned

abby said...

I can vouch for all except the bar stool....i really like the many possibilities of the high back chair...
hugs abby

Cat said...

Dang Hermione...don't think I will ever look at chairs the same way again. Thanks for sharing. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

Katie said...

Hi Hermione, :) I've never thought this much about chairs and spankings. I wonder if Rob has? I'll have to remember to ask him about that. :) Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Roz said...

What a great variety of positions! I had never thought this much about chairs and spanking either! Thanks for sharing Hermoine.


ronnie said...


I've been spanked on chairs/sofas like these but not the bar stool. I can image it being quite uncomfortable. I don't like being spanked over a high back chair.

Enjoyed the read. Thanks.


Hermione said...

Autumn - That was the one spanking I thought I wouldn't be comfortable with, but then, the spankee's comfort isn't a consideration.

Leigh - I know I won't.

Rose - Shopping with Dragon must be so exciting!

Pecan - I agree, abed or sofa is much better suited to an adult spanking.

Blondie - Really? This article must be in the official Tops handbook.

Abby - So do I.

Cat - My pleasure.

Katie - Do you think he would enjoy reading this post?

Roz - It was enlightening for me too.

Ronnie - I agree with you about the bar stool. Anyway, ours have backs on them, so not appropriate.


Jon said...

I'm having trouble coming up with a good but safe way to make use of our porch rocking chair. I guess I need to check the batteries in my thinking cap - my TOP hat if you please.

Hermione said...

Jon - That sounds like a challenge! Let us know if you come up with something.

Anonymous said...

Over the sofa, you suggest kneeling on it. It is better for the spankee to stand beside it, and lay herself right across a well padded arm, head and torso right down on the seat of the sofa. This provided a really plumped out bottom, taut and spread, perfectly offered for a good spanking, and also anything which comes after. D.

Hermione said...

D - I absolutely agree with you. The position you suggest is perfect.


Anonymous said...

Nice article. I have been looking for a caning stool for a while.

Thanks for sharin'

Rod of The Canery

Pecan nutjob said...

Ah ah! We sometimes wondered whether we were alone in thinking that chairs, though good fantasy fodder, were not so convenient in real life.

We use mostly three positions:
- Our favorite: OVER THE KNEE, spanker sitting on the bed (most often on the side of the bed, but sometimes in the middle or even cross-legged) or sofa. Works with hand, slipper, brush, paddle...
- Kneeling on the bed, butt in the air. For the martinet, slipper or paddle.
- Over some sofa, desk, or table in a "schoolboy/schoolgirl" position. For the paddle (recall it's "schoolboy/schoolgirl"!), slipper or martinet.