Monday, July 14, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 13

Our topic this week was introducing variety into spanking.

Six of the best: Hermione, when a lady friend of mine, who I spank on a regular basis, visits me, She makes sure she wears a variety of outfits, both outer, and inner (lingerie), that pleases me sexually, when I remove them to get to her bare bottom. Of course, this variety includes various garter-belts and stockings. Also we very our spanking scenes.

Abby: Depends on the spanking. Maintenance is pretty much the same...small, but mighty, wooden paddle, after a hand warm up. Intensity depends on my past week...and His mood.
Other spankings vary in positions used and what toys are used. We have used role play, but not in a while. We have a dice game...which adds a touch of the unknown. Master has been spanking me for over 10 years...neither one of us is bored...yet.

Dragon's Rose: Spankings don't happen that often anymore. We are busy with a house full of teenagers and tired when we have the time.

Ricky: As a DOM, looking for any (silly) signs of "I don't get no respect!" e.g., "The coffee's too hot (or too cold)."
As a sub, looking for any way to be a brat; e.g., making a (silly) scene in a public place where you know you are safe, until later, of course.

Arched one: This answer takes a little time.

We have several implements and most of them are used in each session. What does change is room and positions. Also the conversation changes with each spanking depending on if I'm being punished, getting maintenance or spanked just because she feels like it. Punishment I must stand before her nude while she tells me why I'm about to get punishment with me answering in full agreement telling her I deserve it and ask that she properly spank me.

Maintenance is more along the lines of why am I getting this, how do I feel about it and me usually asking her to please spank me. Just because spanking she will tell me how she feels about spanking me and what she sees and my reactions to being spanked, and me telling her why I love for her to give me just because spanking. So our conversation changes quite a bit.

Anon: Variety and uncertainty. Why not make sets of cards. She draws at random, one from each. First decides the implement, from hand to cane. Next the number of spanks, 1 to say 100. What she will be required to dress in;Then on what: bare bottom , various types of undies or outer clothing; now position to be adopted - this could be extensive, but also added to, and also whether she is to be restrained, or gagged; and finally what other pleasures she will have to provide after her spanking is over.

This could provide endless variations, with chance of repetition.

Sunny Girl: It doesn't happen often enough to get bored. We do have a dice game and try to vary things up though.

Ronnie: Our spanking vary in position depending on implement used. P's been spanking me for quite sometime and thankfully he's not bored with it and I'm definitely not though I'd be happy with more spankings.

Pecan Nutjob: With children in our home, the big change was to have to plan / postpone our games, and also to adopt more discreet implements (no more big smacks with the hand or paddle, more martinet...).

This brought a mixture of dullness/predictiveness (since we know in advance when we can play, according to our children's schedule) and surprise (when by chance we can play).

For instance, my wife may spring on me that I've been naughty lately, spank me soundly in the living room then f**k me "woman on top" on the rug - when she finds a time when she does not risk a child walking in...

Otherwise, we're pretty conservative people. We like it "traditional" - often over the knee, with some "family-style" implement or the hand. In the beginning we experimented various positions, items, etc. but now less so.

My favorite "unusual" remembrance of spanking is one I gave my wife in a deserted campground in a US national park. Not that the spanking itself was unusual (it was a strong hand spanking over the knee, pants and panties down) but it gave us a thrill to see her derriere exposed this way. My wife contends that I also once got an interesting spanking on the bare when hiking at dusk...

We still have some untried fantasies, for instance birching, and period costumes (my wife would like to try with a dress, petticoats and no underwear, as was the custom some centuries ago). These pose feasibility and consistency issues: we would not like to do something too tacky or kitsch.

We have also some fantasies about bringing some other woman in, but this poses so many questions and difficulties that we have not even thought on how to try it.

Hermione: Our spankings tend to be pretty predictable; they happen at a regular day and time, using the same position, and they usually last about the same length of time. The implements always vary from week to week, and that's what I look forward to with a mixture of anticipation and dread. What has he chosen this time? You have given me some great ideas for adding variety to our OTK activities.

I have a very special message for you coming up next. Don't miss it!
From Hermione's Heart

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