Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Latest Trend

Is this a wedding photo gone horribly wrong, or the latest trend in wedding shoots? If you guessed the latter you're right.  According to Elite Daily, the latest fad is to have the bridesmaids display their hidden assets for the camera.

Read the full article, complete with pictures, here.

From Hermione's Heart


stay at home mom said...

So, does that mean you can recognize those who enjoy being spanked, because they won't show their bottom due to the marks?

I imagine that it can be funny, but somehow marriage and seeing all the bottoms of the bridemaids on a picture won't come together in my mind. But if people like that, they should enjoy it, as long as it is not offending to those participating. After all, there is a lifetime commitment and some religious meaning in marriage.

abby said...

Hmmm....i guess whatever the bride wants...and they could be fun to look back on, but i hope it is not a trend.
hugs abby

Minielle Labraun said...

Hmm.. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but isn't it all about the bride on her wedding? When you look back at the wedding photos.... It would seem they would outshine.

Hermione said...

Nina - Maybe the photographer is hoping to expose those who do enjoy it be revealing the marks of those who have them.

Abby - I hope it will soon pass.

Minelle - Why shouldn't the bride also show what she's got? Maybe that's the next trend.


Unknown said...

At first I thought you were talking about the boots! I've been on too many spanking blogs lately, the ladies bottoms just seemed natural to me. Ha!

Roz said...

Good grief, seriously?? LoL


Anonymous said...

fun to imagine. thanks for sharing
bottom sup

Enzo said...

Part of me wishes it were a real trend as I have always had a special spot for bridesmaids and weddings....oh the stories that come to mind.

Unfortunately or fortunately, based on your point of view, some of those pics in the article are from pro sites.

ronnie said...


It's the bride day so whatever she wants but wouldn't be for me.


Dragon's Rose said...

Um.No. on the grounds that my bottom will be incriminating

ricky said...

In case they don't catch the bridal bouquet?

Cat said...

If that's what the brides want, more power to them but sure not my cup of tea. ;) Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and Blessings...

Baxter said...

yet another weird thing. I love female butts, but not in situations like this. whatever, different strokes, I guess

Hermione said...

Measha - I meant the booties, not the boots :)

Roz - That's what I thought too!

Red - Something to think about if you are considering renewing your vows.

Enzo - Too bad!

Ronnie - Not for me either.

Rose - LOL!

Ricky - I guess so.

Cat - The brides obviously do want it.

Baxter - There's a time and place for everything.