Saturday, July 19, 2014

You Completed the Caption

You had some amusing things to say about fishing, and here they are:

DelFonte: Now, remember, if you don't catch anything, that rod will be put to good use.

Ronnie: Don't worry darling when I've finished fishing I'll show you another use for the rod.

Six of the best: "She is fishing for a swishing."

Rollin: There is a hunky Navy Seal down there and I'm going to catch him -- one way or another.

Prefectdt: The strip fishing competition was not going to well for Jenny.

All hers: Bring that large umbrella over here and hold it over me while I fish. I am getting too much sun.

A. Lurker: Hey handsome, is that another fishing rod or are you just happy to see me?

Marina decided to ditch the clownfish in favour of a barracuda.

Mandy: Sara was part of the Fisho-Spanko clan in which common practice was to fish then be spanked with the rod. I hear a National Geographic special, don't you?

Measha: Topless Fishing this Friday! *bottoms optional*

Mitch: There is more than one way to bait a line. I always reel in what I'm fishing for.

Anon: Whatever made you think I'm going for fish?

Ricky: Now here is a very healthy minded young lady who obviously believes in fresh air ever(y)wear.

Hermione: I set all the worms free. Don't you think I deserve a spanking?

Now that we've all enjoyed some fresh air fun, I hope you will stay for brunch and join in what promises to be an interesting discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

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