Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday FAIL

When you buy a new garment it's important to read the washing instructions carefully. You don't want to ruin an item that's dry clean only by throwing it into the washer on the heavy duty cycle. But these labels seem to have been made by playful - or bored - garment workers.

Happy Friday! There's still time for you to Complete the Caption.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

LoL Hermoine, these are great. Love give it to your wife and remove child from clothing before washing lol.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)


sub hub in phx said...

Love these. Is this a common thing I wonder?

abby said...

Love these...I think the last is my favorite, the child one a close second.
hugs abby

Hermione said...

Roz - Don't slap pandas is my favourite.

sub hub - I've never seen one so I really couldn't say.

abby - Good choices!


ronnie said...

LOL Hermione. Thanks for the laugh.

Don't slap pandas is my favourite.


stay at home mom said...

Hi Hermione, these are great ones, love them all, but the Panda is best! Thanks for the good laugh.



Aimless Rambling said...

Love the last one.

mouse said...

Those were great! Thanks for sharing and all you do..really your blog is the most entertaining to just sit back and read.


an English Rose said...

Hi Hermione, these are great. I reckon the most accurate is the give it to your wife one!
love Jan,xx

Erica said...

These are too funny to be fails! :-D

ricky said...

I just luv the second one.
That's the way it should be!
Quite right!
You betcha!
(I sometimes wonder though, if that's why she left.)

Minielle Labraun said...

Oh funny! Now I'm going to check labels!!

Enzo said...

Hermione, these are great!
Give it to your wife, I'm sure she won't need the reminder to remove the child before washing. ;)

Misty said...

Cracking up at "remove child before washing" and Enzo's comment.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - My pleasure!

Nina - I agree, it's in a class by itself.

Leigh - Me too!

mouse - Thank you for the kind words. You're very sweet.

Jan - I have to aqree with you on that one.

Erica - Yeah, they're really WINs.

ricky - Quite likely ;)

Minelle - Let us know if you find a good one.

Enzo - True. She'll have enough sense to do that.

Misty - So am I.


Alice K. said...

O!M!G! Hermione!!! I am so glad you posted the one about not slapping pandas. The faux pas of my past, sheesh!!!! Never again I tell you! Now that I know better anyways. Hehehe