Monday, January 5, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 4

This week we considered what famous persons might deserve a good spanking. Here are your nominations:

Downunder Don: Putin & Kim Jong-un...trouble is they are both such purile megalomaniacs that they would not benefit from a good spanking...they would just want to blow up the world!

Autumn: Jenny McCarthy. Many, many times over.

Katie: I'm not really sure. Perhaps those women and men who as teens were looked up to by our kids, in the public eye, and then became less than a good example sadly!

Jenn: Author E.L. James ("50 Shades"); Britney Spears (and I hear she's "into" it - has a room with a spanking bench); Sarah Palin has been a popular choice on other discussions; Hilary Clinton; Judge Judy; Angelina Joiie; Oprah; Lady Gaga; "Snookie".

Let's pick some men, too: Bill Clinton (it's only fair, Bill, for that "Monica" scandal); Charlie Sheen (all that bad behavior); Lance Armstrong (drug use and lying about it); LSU Coach Les Miles (2011 National Championship game); Chris Christie; Alec Baldwin; Scott Disick; Donald Trump; Timothy Geithner.

I'd be glad to spank Brad Pitt, but not for misbehavior - just so that I could play with his cute bottom!

Dan: Bill Clinton, though he'd probably like it. Johnny Manziel.

cutiebootie: Jian Ghomeshi, who has been charged in Canada for allegedly sexually assaulting a number of women without their consent. He deserves many spankings.

Amyee: I think some of the younger stars that continue to break the law over and over again could use a good spanking. Justin Bieber and Lindsey Lohan to name a few.

Welcome, Aymee!

Anon: It must be Kim Kardashian, she with the world's most spankable bottom. It must be every spanker's dream to find that amazing bare bottom upturned before him to spank it until it glows scarlet. And why? Because as far as I know there have never yet been any pictures or references to such a memorable event taking place.

Nina:  I think Justin Bieber and Myley Cyrus for being bad examples throughout last year deserve a good spanking and some cornertime to think about proper behaviour.

Baxter: I am thinking of women around my age (late fifties) that have sex appeal and that includes Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel,Christine Lagarde, Michelle Batchelet and having them over my knee for a bare bottom spanking I think would be fun. But there is a woman who desperately needs a strong caning and that is Christina Fernandez of Argentina for trashing the economy there; while attractive, her bare bottom needs a serious attending to.

Jon: I make my living with words. To my way of thinking a "good spanking" means "good" as in erotic or disciplinary and the goals are to cleanse guilt and reestablish the trust relation- ship, Hoh/TiH, D/s. Hugs and cuddling normally follow.

So, if you meant a "good" brutal judicial disciplinary punishment "spanking" with multiple instruments of correction, I vote with Downunder Don - Putin. I'd keep all of the American politicians out of it or this would become a political blog.

If I get 2 votes: Do we have time to punish everyone who believes that killing in the name of religion - any religion - is permissible?

As for a "good spanking" of a celebrity, I'm going with Jimmy Carter and I'll not mention her name - I'll just say I had lust in my heart and something hard south of my belt. Speaking of belts ...

Ronnie: Not really sure though I do agree with others that Justin Bieber would benefit from one.

ricky: All those fatuous, female TV newscasters who, after a news report (whatever it is), give their silly grins, because their ear-pods told them to do so.

Six of the best: In my opinion, all the female newscasters, that appear on Fox TV newscasts. Each one deserves the cane on their voluptuous naked rear ends. Each and every day one of them should have their bare bottoms painfully warmed, and shown on their newscasts.

Sir Wendel: Jennifer Lawrence,simply because she would look great bent over and getting her bare bottom spanked.

Enzo: So many celebrities come to mind, but I will say Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Why? Let's just say arguing with her about why she deserves to be spanked would be result her most likely agreeing with me.

Hermione: I would nominate Jian Ghomeshi to receive a taste of his own medicine. Luka Magnotta also needs to be added to the list. Sara Palin, once again in the news, is my current top female choice, and second place goes to a local television news personality who specializes in "feel good" stories.

So many choices! One way or another, they all deserve six of the best, at the very least!
From Hermione's Heart

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